Blogiversary: Six!

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Stuart O. Smith, Jr. Blogiversary: Six!

2012 to 2018!!! Our sixth Blogiversary of celebrating the fun of exploring our community and writing about our experiences!

Thank you to my great co-writer and wife, Julie Smith! I always enjoy sharing the journey with her. I also want to thank the many organizations that hosted the events/activities I wrote about this year!

As stated on the home page: is an extension of my sos_jr Twitter interests -- taking it beyond the 140 [now 280] characters. Current focus areas include:

  • Promoting and sharing experiences at Cleveland tech meetings, social media events, and some entrepreneur groups.
  • Website Design & Technology
  • Cleveland Cultural Events, Art, Theatre

Hello, World! My First Blog Post!

Since our first Hello, World! My First Blog Post! on March 8, 2012, we expanded what we have written about as we are in our sixth year of blogging.

As I wrote the past two years: "It brings me joy to look at the blog posts we did this past year -- great memories of fun times, plus the anticipation of a new year full of possibilities!"

Please take a moment and scroll across the following images/links, and please click to read some of our 29 blog posts for 2017, and the posts we have done so far in 2018. Thank you to the many organizations that hosted these activities.

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Julie and I are looking forward to sharing our adventures with you through new blog posts in the year ahead. Each month in this coming year brings new possibilities!