Hello, World! My First Blog Post!

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Stuart O. Smith, Jr.

Hello World! My First Blog Post!

While the sosAssociates.com newly designed website is not totally complete, it is at the point where it is ready for public viewing. I have a plan for adding more features, and dreams to do even more in the future, but for today, let me share with you my short-term vision.

As stated on the sosAssociates.com home page, this new rendition of my website is an extension of my sos_jr Twitter interests. My goal is to extend the main points of my twitter feed beyond the 140 characters.

Since my first "Hello World" tweet at "10:48 PM - 1 Oct 09,"  I have announced on Sunday or Monday night of each week technology, social media, and some entrepreneur group meetings in Cleveland. I plan to now also promote these meetings on this website, and write blogs about my experiences at many of these meetings. I plan to also invite guest bloggers to add their input on these Cleveland tech and social media meetings.

My sos_jr Twitter bio, which I have used for the past two years, will give me further guidance on the focus of this blog: Interests: WebSigCleveland.org, Website Design, Cleveland Web & Tech Events, Technology, Backpacking, Cleveland Cultural Events, Art, Theatre, Healthy Living

Welcome, as I start this journey!  Feedback is always appreciated -- so add your comments below.


Stuart O. Smith, Jr.


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Congrats! I'm so proud of you for finally hitting "publish!" Looking forward to many more posts in the future.