Hot in Cleveland: Brite Winter 2017

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Brite Winter brings music, art and fire to the Flats

Record high temperatures at Brite Winter 2017!

On Saturday, February 18, 2017, Mother Nature did not deliver the normal sub-freezing temperatures that we have come to expect at Brite Winter (@Britewinter). (See the "14° in 2014" outdoor fun section of our 2014 blog post.) This year, we had record high temperatures across the area.

National Weather Service - High Temperture Records Smashed!
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Unfortunately, Julie was not able to attend this year, so I went just for some of the evening activities this year with my son. Congratulations to the Brite Winter leadership on their eighth successful year!

Brite Winter 2017 Schedule
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We have been enjoying attending Brite Winter (@Britewinter) for years!! Julie and I have very fond memories of attending our first Brite Winter as a small event in 2011 (see old tweets) at Hart Crane Park, and have watched it grow to being the huge event it is now! (Canalway Partners (@CanalwayCLE) has owned Hart Crane Park since 1994.)

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