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BlueBridge Networks Third Non-Profit IT Innovation Summit
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I attended the BlueBridge Networks Third Non-Profit IT Innovation Summit on July 27, 2017, at the Cleveland Museum of Art (@ClevelandArt ) as a guest of Kevin Goodman (@KevinGoodmanBBN), managing director and partner at BlueBridge Networks (@BlueBridgeLLC).

We would like to cordially invite you, and any relevant co-workers and colleagues, to BlueBridge Networks third Non-Profit IT Innovation Summit. This lunch and learn is the only one of its kind in the region and promises to provide you with valuable information to help you prepare for the upcoming year in IT. With a strong focus on the non-profit sector in CLE, we will share best practices, new technologies and provide pain point relief for taxed IT departments and budgets...

...BlueBridge Networks is award-winning in the areas of innovation, client service, and philanthropy. We provide world class service in data center services, cloud and cyber security with a specialization in assisting non-profit organizations and helping them meet their IT objectives.

This was the second time I have attended this nonprofit IT summit, having attended in the BlueBridge Networks Non-Profit IT Innovation Summit II on November 5, 2014. I want to thank Kevin Goodman (@KevinGoodmanBBN) for inviting me again, and let the presenters know how much I appreciate them taking time to share their knowledge.

The panel of presenters included:

Panel of presenters included Niki Krause, Dennis Anderson, and Dale A. Dresch
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See the tweets below which include information shared related to the summit. The panel was moderated by Michael Hudak, IT business consultant at BlueBridge Networks, who brought up questions that related to nonprofit information technology needs, and then opened the discussion up to questions from the attendees. See photos and summary published on the BlueBridge Networks LinkedIn page here and in a BlueBridge Facebook post here.

Thank You, Non-Profit IT Innovation Summit Presenters!
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It was interesting to learn more from Niki Krause (@NikiKrause2542) about the technology used at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and then going out into the museum to show the college student who attended with me the new ArtLens Gallery. Niki talked about how the museums' effective use of technology goes way beyond the ArtLens App and ArtLens Gallery, but those items, along with their Drupal website, are what is visible to the public.

Learn more about ArtLens in my July 10, 2017, blog post: Crash Party: Being Among the First to Experience the New CMA ArtLens Gallery

Cleveland Museum of Art - ArtLens Gallery
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Cleveland Museum of Art - ArtLens Wall Cleveland Museum of Art - ArtLens ExhibitionCleveland Museum of Art - ArtLens StudioCleveland Museum of Art - ArtLens ExhibitionCleveland Museum of Art - ArtLens ExhibitionCleveland Museum of Art - ArtLens Studio


Resources Shared

One of the great things about attending functions like the Non-Profit IT Innovation Summit is what you learn from other participants during the networking portion of the summit. Here are a few resources that I learned about, which I believe can be useful to nonprofit organizations:


Cleveland GiveCamp

The BlueBridge Networks Third Non-Profit IT Innovation Summit took place the week after Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp), for which I serve on the Steering Committee and the Social Media Team. At the end of the luncheon, Kevin Goodman surprised me by asking me to close the summit by sharing the news about the success of Cleveland GiveCamp 2017.

Here is a video that Great Lakes Geek (@GreatLakesGeek) blogger Dan Hanson (@DanHanson) captured of my 2017 Cleveland GiveCamp wrap-up talk:

I was honored to be asked to speak about Cleveland GiveCamp, and was pleased to mention the following organizations in my talk. I have included links and Twitter names so you can learn about these organizations that do so much to support Cleveland GiveCamp and/or our community:

You can read more about Cleveland GiveCamp 2017 in my "letter home from camp" blog post, Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, from Cleveland GiveCamp 2017!

Tweets & Retweets

Twenty-three summit-related tweets! Please share by retweeting those with useful or interesting information!

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See my past Cleveland GiveCamp blog posts to learn more about how this tech event has been serving our community for eight years. You will see BlueBridge Networks listed as a sponsor in many of these Cleveland GiveCamp blog posts. Thank you, Kevin Goodman, for the ongoing support.

I always enjoy visiting the ArtLens Gallery, and often use the ArtLens App. I have written several ArtLens-related blog posts. Read these to learn more about how Cleveland is the first in the nation to have this great resource:

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Disclosure: My guest (a college student who works for me) and I received a free lunch at the Cleveland Museum of Art as a guest of BlueBridge Networks when we attended the BlueBridge Networks Third Non-Profit IT Innovation Summit. I was approached by Kevin Goodman to attend because of my support of  activities in our community relating to technology and nonprofits, which I promote via my @sos_jr Twitter feed and blog. I enjoyed this summit and related activities, and wrote this blog to share my experience and information I learned at this event.