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Stuart Smith on Twitter

NOTE from Stuart: This is a reblog of Dan Yurman @djysry's blog post for the Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group @CDPUG on February 6, 2012, entitled: Stuart Smith on Twitter. Also, here is a PDF of the Twitter Talk: Connecting The Dots With sos_jr slides. Please see the links in the Tweets below, since they lead to the resources seen in the slides. Thank you, Dan, for writing this blog post about my Twitter talk.


Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - @sos_jr
Stuart O. Smith, Jr.

On Jan 26 Stuart O. Smith, Jr., gave an informative and entertaining presentation to about 50 people at the CDPUG monthly meeting. Since his first “Hello World” on October 1, 2009, Smith has been using Twitter to promote tech, social media, blogging and some entrepreneurial events in the greater Cleveland area.

When Stuart began to use Twitter, he did not foresee how how it would end up being much more than an outgoing messaging service.

Stuart tweets under the ID of @sos_jr

Each week he provides updates on technical user group meetings and some entrepreneurial networking events in the greater Cleveland area. If you are involved in tech in Cleveland, you need to be following Stuart.

Stuart O. Smith, Jr., is the Website Director at Notre Dame College and holds a Master of Nonprofit Organizations (MNO) degree from Case Western Reserve University. He has been co-leader of the Web Special Interest Group Cleveland for six years.

As an added feature, here are some of his live tweets from the CDPUG meeting.