Blogiversary: Ten -- I can't believe this is the TENTH YEAR!!

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Stuart O. Smith, Jr. Blogiversary: Ten

My co-writer and wife, Julie Smith, and I started writing our blog posts on March 8, 2012. I can't believe this is my tenth blogiversary for!!! While the focus of this blog post has evolved over these ten years, the joy it brings in documenting activities in which I participate has continued!

I am very grateful for the community resources and people I come in contact with that have made my life more interesting. Please see my #NewYearsDay 2022 #ThankYou blog post in which I publicly thank the many people/organizations for all the great activities and events Julie and I wrote about in 2021.

Below are my 17 blog posts from 2021, and three blog posts so far in 2022 -- please take a look at those that cover topics that interest you. You will note that there are fewer blog posts in 2021 than in previous years. This is due to COVID-19 closing venues I normally frequent and then share information about in my blog. I also was off the Internet completely while on a month-and-a-half-long adventure on the Appalachian Trail in 2021. Julie and I did write two blog posts about traveling to and from the Appalachian Trail backpacking trip. (Please take a moment and scroll across the images/links below.)

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Julie and I are looking forward to sharing our adventures with you through new blog posts in the year ahead. We welcome the new possibilities that each new month brings!