AHA! PechaKucha Night Cleveland VOL 23

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AHA! PechaKucha Night Cleveland VOL 23
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We keep hearing from people we talk to that there is so much going on in Cleveland. One of the great ways to learn about what is up-and-coming in our city is by attending a PechaKucha Night Cleveland. All PechaKucha Night Cleveland events are special, but on August 7, 2014, it was combined with other events happening in our community that made it all extra special -- AHA! Cleveland events and Gay Games 9.

We want to share with you Stuart's experiences at PechaKucha Night Cleveland, and both of our experiences with the AHA! Light Up Cleveland installation.

PechaKucha Night Cleveland - Volume 23!

PechaKucha Night Cleveland (@PKNCLE) Volume 23 #PKNCLE23 took place at Mall B, which is on top of Cleveland's new Convention Center -- adjacent to the new Global Center for Health Innovation. This was Stuart's first time walking around this newly developed public space, and it was great to see so many people downtown at this event. A few of Cleveland's famous food trucks were there, and Stuart arrived early to see how the lighting equipment was laid out. Since Stuart arrived early, he also took time to walk around other nearby areas as shown in these photos (we suggest viewing our photos in full screen mode):

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please view August 7, 2014 - PechaKucha Night Cleveland
Volume 23 & AHA! Cleveland

Since the PechaKucha Night Cleveland talks were part of the kickoff for AHA! Cleveland and Gay Games 9, some of the presenters dealt with these projects. It was great to learn about the background of the lighting installations before they were turned on for the AHA! Cleveland.

Here is the list of presenters in order of appearance:

  1. Michelle Tomallo (@MichelleTomallo) spoke about Gay Games 9 (@GG9Cleveland)
    Stuart was impressed by the expression of openness that was conveyed as the foundation for the Gay Games in Cleveland. When we returned Saturday night to see the AHA! lights and to go to east 4th street, it was amazing to see athletes from all over the world in Cleveland!
  2. Tammy Lyons (@innerblisstammy), Yoga Teacher, Studio Owner of Inner Bliss Yoga (@InnerBlissYoga1), Believe in CLE Movement (@BelieveCle) Co-Founder
    Stuart was amazed to see the photos of the large number of yoga participants that attend the Believe in CLE events.
    We did not attend the Friday, August 8, large-scale yoga class on Mall B that Believe in CLE hosted as part of AHA!, but we wanted to share what other Cleveland bloggers/writers wrote.
  3. Karen Gahl Mills (@KarenGahlMills), Executive Director of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (@CuyArtsC)
    We have attended at least 5 activities sponsored by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture in the two weeks leading up to AHA Cleveland. It was great that Stuart was able to not only see Karen Gahl Mills's PechaKucha Night Cleveland presentation, but also talk to her personally. If you follow our @sos_jr Twitter feed, you know that we benefit greatly from, and greatly appreciate Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's programs!
  4. Kimber Sterling and Yael Braha from Obscura Digital (@Obscura_Digital)
    Can you say: "Video Architectural Mapping?" -- you will never see Cleveland's Public Hall the same way again!
  5. Jen Lewin (@JenLewin), Artist, Jen Lewin Studio, spoke about "The Pool," which was part of the AHA! Cleveland installation.
    See photos and videos in tweets below, and learn all about this artist on her "The Pool" web page.
  6. Jason Tilk, Designer and Renaissance Man of The Voix De Ville! (@_PinchandSqueal)
    Be sure to see videos and photos of Jason Tilk's work in our blog posts about @Ingenuityfest, @GLScienceCtr and @MakerFaireCleve events where he has performed:
  7. Jacob VanSickle, Executive Director of Bike Cleveland (@Bike_CLE)
    Stuart highly recommends learning about Bike Cleveland's plans to make use of Cleveland's over-built road system to benefit future generations. He was very impressed with what he learned about the potential for Cleveland.
    Midway model: St. Clair Avenue from Bike Cleveland.
  8. Kirsten Ellenbogen (@KEllenbogen), President/CEO of the Great Lakes Science Center (@GLScienceCtr)
    As Stuart learned at PechaKucha Night Cleveland, and at the Cleveland Foundation FREE Day, there is a lot more going on in the science center building than most people know! They do so much to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education!
    We have written the following blog posts about the Great Lakes Science Center:
  9. Yvette Mattern (@ymattern), Artist creator of Global Rainbow (@GlobalRainbow)
    Her work was part of the AHA! Cleveland lights. See tweets below with photos and videos, and check out the YvetteMattern.com website to view her work.



You really need to attend PechaKucha Night Cleveland -- our blog post is a poor substitute for hearing from people who are bringing their creativity to Cleveland. We recommend that you learn more about future events on the PechaKucha Night Cleveland website, and that you follow their @PKNCLE messages on Twitter.

AHA! Cleveland

AHA! is a LAND studio project (@cleveLANDstudio) made possible through the generous support of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (@CuyArtsC) and Cleveland Public Power (@ClePublicPower).

Since AHA! Cleveland (#AHAcle) was a visual display (and an experiential event, which we hope you attended), we suggest reading our @sos_jr tweets and our retweets of others below. The tweets include many photos and videos worth seeing about the event. Also included here are our August 9, 2014 - AHA! Cleveland photos (we suggest viewing our photos in full screen mode).

If your device does not support a Flickr slideshow,
please view August 9, 2014 - AHA! Cleveland online.

Here are our tweets and retweets. Because of the new way Twitter displays multiple photos, it is best to click on each one to view it fully.

Before @PKNCLE


@PKNCLE Night!


Saturday Night #ahaCLE


More #ahaCLE

Here is the official promotional video produced for the weekend that gives a good overview of the event.


We recommend that you see the video and article, Preview look at "AHA! Festival of Lights" as Cleveland explodes with color: Kristel's CLE, by Kristel Hartshorn (@Kristel_CLE), Northeast Ohio Media Group (@NEO_MediaGroup)

The Future

The next PechaKucha Night Cleveland will be part of IngenuityFest on September 26th! Watch their website for more information at: IngenuityCleveland.com

If you are on Twitter, please retweet this so others will know to save the date:

If you want to learn more, please take a moment and read about some of our past experiences:


Submitted by Stuart Smith on Sat, 09/06/2014 - 13:22


I want to update this blog post to thank and list the great PechaKucha Cleveland leaders and sponsors.

PechaKucha Cleveland organizers:

Please retweet the following tweet to thank the leaders and promote the 9/26/14 "Ingenuity Festival - Powered by PechaKucha" event (read details here). Note the Twitter hashtag may change from #PKNCLE24 to #PWRxPKN.


Special thanks to LAND Studio, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, and Cleveland Public Power for making this PechaKucha Cleveland #PKNCLE23 event possible.

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Submitted by Stuart Smith on Mon, 03/30/2015 - 21:45


Great news! If you missed these AHA! PechaKucha Night Cleveland VOL 23 presentations, please don't despair.

I have noted that @PKNCLE has been sharing some of them on their Twitter account recently!

Be sure to get on Twitter and follow @PKNCLE and the #PKNCLE hashtag to see the presentations and learn about future events. Also, please remember to retweet those that you find interesting. It is all about sharing what you learn.

The following are some that I retweeted using my @sos_jr account. They link directly to some very interesting presentations!

Future event announcements and some more of the past presentations can be found at: PechaKucha.org/Cities/Cleveland

See you there!


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