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Bal Ingénieux, Ingenuity Cleveland

Art + Technology = Ingenuity Cleveland

If you have seen my sos_jr Twitter bio, you know that I am interested in both technology and art, so IngenuityFest​ is an event that I really enjoy! (See: IngenuityFest: Cleveland's Festival of Art & Technology and follow @Ingenuityfest on Twitter.) This is why, after spending a very full and exciting day (yes, HTML conferences excite me) at the Rustbelt Refresh web design and front-end development conference, I was excited to continue on into the night at the Bal Ingénieux.

Ingenuity Cleveland's Bal Ingénieux website ( describes this ​costume party as "A night of jazz, circus, burlesque, dance, debauchery, and more..." and:

This is a night that celebrates creativity, innovation, and going a little crazy. With vaudeville circus, burlesque, music, dance and mayhem, come expecting the unexpected. And dress to impress because, while costumes are not required, you’re going to have so much more fun in one.

I highly recommend you visit to learn more. The following are some videos and photos I took during the Bal Ingénieux. My goal is to give you a taste of the event.

I also want to recommend that you watch for the date for the 2013 IngenuityFest. I believe it is in September, but don't think that the date has been confirmed.​ Update: As I was writing this blog, I saw the following announcement:




UPDATE 5/6/13: I received an official message today from Ingenuity Cleveland confirming that IngenuityFest will be September 20-22, 2013, at the Port of Cleveland, on Docks 30 & 32.


My Videos & Photos

The YouTube "5/3/13 Bal Ingénieux, Ingenuity Cleveland​" Playlist can be viewed here.





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Bal Ingénieux Tweets!

Here are some of the tweets from the Bal Ingénieux. Be sure to check out those that link to additional information about the event.