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We have found that PechaKucha Night Cleveland always makes for an enjoyable time. (See our past blog post about PechaKucha Night outdoors at the 2nd largest theatre district in the USA.) The evening of interesting talks at interesting locations sometimes also leads to other fun activities -- post-PechaKucha dancing, entrance to private clubs, meeting new people, etc. Thus, we were excited to attend PechaKucha Night Cleveland's August 23, 2013, outdoor event behind the West Side Market in Cleveland's Ohio City.

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We knew that the PechaKucha Night organizers were expecting a large crowd, so we came early to enjoy a dinner at Great Lakes Brewing Company before the festivities began. We later learned that Great Lakes Brewing Company was one of the sponsors of the event, and would have been the rain location. Stuart had been to the Great Lakes Brewing Company's Beer Cellar before, but nether of us had eaten at their Brewhouse. Seeing their location from the outside many times, we had not realized their Brewpub is made up of many different venues. When checking in, we learned that we were eligible for a Great Lakes Brewing Company's Foursquare Check-in Special. What a great way to start our evening!

Great Lakes Brewing Company's Foursquare Check-in Special
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Heading over to PechaKucha, we saw Market Garden Brewery's "Before I Die, I Want To..." wall. We were familiar with the "Before I Die" global art project ( - @BeforeIDieWall) and had heard there was a Cleveland wall, but had never seen it. Somehow, it was a perfect fit with spirit of the night, since PechaKucha Night Cleveland presenters often share their life passions. Market Garden Brewery was one of the sponsors, and provided beverages for the PechaKucha Night Cleveland Volume 19 event.

Market Garden Brewery's "Before I Die, I Want To..." wall


It Makes You Happier -

Here are links to the presenters to help you learn more about them. We added direct links to the PechaKucha Volume 19 presentations that are on YouTube, but recommend you also see more on the YouTube PechaKucha Night Channel. Please also see the tweets below with additional information.

  1. Paul Benner (@CLEBrewShop - The Cleveland Brewshop

  2. Fred and Laura Bidwell (@TransformerStat - - @FredBidwell - Founders, Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell Foundation

  3. Marco Ciccarelli (@techne_m - architect, studioTECHNE|architects
    YouTube PKNCLE19 - #2 - Marc Ciccarelli - Aristotle, Emptiness, and Godzilla

  4. Brandon Juhasz ( Artist

  5. Faith McFluff ( Hula Hoops: It's not Just a Toy Anymore....
    YouTube PKNCLE19 - #3 - Faith McFluff - Hula Hoops

  6. Mark Michel ( Graphic Designer/Street Artist

  7. Wayne Mortensen (@arlomort - Architect, Neighborhood Progress Inc

  8. ​Loren Naji ( Artist/Gallery Owner, Loren Naji Studio Gallery

  9. Johnny S. ( Johnnyville Slugger

  10. Marilou Suszko (@MarilouSuszko - Behind-the-scenes stories of Cleveland's West Side Market
    YouTube PKNCLE19 - #1 - Marilou Suszko - The West Side Market: Myths and Made-Up Shit

  11. Andy Tveekrem (@Mrkt_Grdn_Beer - Brewmaster, Market Garden Brewery

  12. Mike Zubal (@ZubalBooks​ - Zubal Books


Thanks to the organizers, we can share with you a video that gives you an overview of the evening: - Public Architecture helping nonprofit organizations
Public Architecture helping nonprofit organizations


Here are our photos of the evening:

Save The Date - October 4th!

PechaKucha 20 images X 20 seconds - What Would You Say?

The next PechaKucha Night Cleveland will be at the Cleveland Museum of Art's atrium. Please mark your calendar and share this announcement.


If you have never been to the Cleveland Museum of Art's atrium -- go! We have a 360 degree view of the atrium on our Chalkfest blog post here.


Thank You, Sponsors!

Here is a list of some of the sponsors that, along with the PechaKucha Night Cleveland leadership team, made this successful evening possible:

Thank you, sponsors! We really appreciate your support of this great Cleveland event!


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PechaKucha Night Cleveland Volume 19

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