Blogiversary: Two

Blogiversary: Two

Two Years!

Two very fun and active years have passed since my first "Hello, World! My First Blog Post!" message!

Last year, for my first Blogiversary, I listed 120 organizations that I tracked. I have found that in the last five months, I have not been able to keep up with all the exciting growth in Cleveland and Akron, but I try to do so in my weekly tech blog posts.

In addition to my weekly tech and social media blog posts for our community, I (and sometime we -- my wife and sons co-write with me) also write about other items that interest me. Please check out all the blog posts that I have completed these past two years on my "Blog sosAssociates."

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

FREE! Great Lakes Science Center

FREE! Great Lakes Science Center

Weekends and weekdays -- we have found that there is so much going on in Cleveland! We want to share with you here two events that we attended last weekend.

The first event, attended by Julie and Stuart, PechaKucha Cleveland, was something we have enjoyed many times in the past. Knowing the history of the location, The City Club, added an interesting dimension.

The second event, attended by Julie, Kevin, and Stuart, was a gift to the community from the The Cleveland Foundation as part of their 100th birthday celebration -- a free day at the Great Lakes Science Center.

This is the second installment, entitled FREE! Great Lakes Science Center

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Cleveland Tech, Entrepreneur & Social Media Meetings Mon 3/3 - Mon 3/10

Saturday, March 8, 2014, is my two year "Blogiversary!"
I have a busy week, so I am not sure if I will do a special blog post like I did last year (listed 120 tech and social media meetings). With publishing a "first installment" blog post last Friday on PechaKucha Cleveland at The City Club with the second installment on FREE! Great Lakes Science Center all ready to by published on Monday (once the Cleveland Foundation makes their big announcement), plus planning to post a blog post abour the Great Lakes Theater Social Media Night at Deathtrap -- well this is already four blog posts in seven days. I'm just having too much fun!
When you see the following list of technology and social media events happening in the Cleveland and Akron area, you will know why I am planning to have a busy great busy week.
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cleveland Tech, Entrepreneur & Social Media Meetings Mon 2/24 - Mon 3/3

A slow week in Northeast Ohio! (Sarcasm intended - there is always more to do in Cleveland than I have hours in my week!) At the time I am writing this, I know of only about 21 technology and social media events happening in the Cleveland and Akron area. Please help me learn of more by adding in the comments any that I may have missed. I will then share with others on Twitter. Thank you!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

GCPCUG Field Trip: TechCentral MakerSpace

Greater Cleveland PC User Group Tour of TechCentral MakerSpace

Julie and Kevin were intrigued after reading Stuart’s blog post about the grand opening of the new Cleveland Public Library TechCentral MakerSpace, and decided to see it for themselves. They joined Stuart at the Greater Cleveland PC User Group (GCPCUG) “field trip” to TechCentral last Saturday, February 8, 2014, where they learned that so much is happening at the Cleveland Public Library!

The group of about 30 people was warmly welcomed by TechCentral Manager C.J. Lynce and TechCentral Coordinator Sam Tripodis about half an hour before the library opened to the public for a private tour of the new MakerSpace. They gave a very interesting introduction to the different pieces of equipment that make up TechCentral and its MakerSpace.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cleveland Tech, Entrepreneur & Social Media Meetings Mon 2/10 - Mon 2/17

As part of announcing this week's tech, entrepreneur, and social media meetings, I am also announcing the upcoming meeting.

On November 21, 2009, I arranged for a special field trip to the Cleveland Sight Center, where we learned about their good work and had a meeting on Website Accessibility. We have also in the past covered the topics of search engine optimization (SEO), and website user experience (UX).

With all the changes in technology that impact these fields, it is important to keep current with the latest trends. That is why I am pleased to ask you to mark your calendars to attend, and invite others to the the listed meetings.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cleveland Tech, Entrepreneur & Social Media Meetings Mon 2/3 - Mon 2/10

Here are this week's tech, entrepreneur, and social media meetings that I track.

So far in 2014, I keep hearing about more and more happening in Cleveland and Akron. Please, if you know of any meetings that I may have missed, please share in the blog comments section. I will then also share them on Twitter.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


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