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Smarter #SocialMedia Tips

I have always enjoyed reading Janet Cho's #SocialMedia Tips articles, so I was honored when she contacted me to be featured in her column.

On September 18, 2015, at around 8:00 a.m., I noticed that I had been mentioned on Twitter 40 times -- just a bit (sarcasm intended) above my normal interaction for an early Friday morning. A half-hour later, I was mentioned another 20 times on Twitter. I found that at 7:15 a.m., @CLEBusiness had shared this tweet:

Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from #HappyinCLE Stuart O. Smith Jr. (@sos_jr)

Please view the full Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from #HappyinCLE Stuart O. Smith Jr. (@sos_jr) article online.

You can also read a PDF version of the article by clicking here or on this image:

Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from #HappyinCLE Stuart O. Smith Jr. (@sos_jr)

In the article, I recommended following the many local arts/theatre/parks/museum organizations, and supporters of cultural events such as University Circle, Inc. (@InTheCircle), The Cleveland Foundation (@CleveFoundation), and Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (@CuyArtsC). By following these organizations, you can learn about great Cleveland area activities. If you read my blog posts, or see the Cleveland events I mention on Twitter as @sos_jr, you will see that my family benefits directly by following these organizations.

As another follow-up to the article, I also want to mention here that if you know of a Cleveland or Akron area nonprofit that would benefit from the type of free tech projects support provided by Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp), please direct them to the website. You can learn more about Cleveland GiveCamp in my Cleveland GiveCamp blog posts.

Thank You, Janet!

I want to, of course, thank Janet Cho for not only featuring me in her article, but more importantly, for sharing and engaging with me on Twitter.

In preparing this blog post, I did a Twitter search of all the times Janet retweeted or interacted with me on Twitter. In an earlier draft of this blog post, I had planned to include all the tweets. However, I decided that embedding 156 tweets was a bit much.

I recommend following Janet Cho on Twitter at @JanetCho, since in addition to her articles, she shares other interesting resources.

#SocialMedia Tips Articles

Since the focus of my blog and @sos_jr twitter feed has always been promoting tech meetings, social media events, and some entrepreneur groups, I thought it would be appropriate to share Janet Cho's #SocialMedia Tips articles:

In addition to listing the article's title, I have shared the favorite social media platform of each featured person. Please click on the links to see their full story, and share on Twitter and other social media their #SocialMedia Tips.

  1.  Allison Peltz
    September 04, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from Cleveland's Allison Peltz #YouBetterKeepUp
     Allison Peltz (@allisonpeltz) partner at Hello LLC (@Hello_LLC) engagement agency in Chagrin Falls
    Favorite social media platform: It's a tie -- Instagram  and Snapchat

  2. Jacqueline Lapine
    August 28, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from Arras Keathley's Jacqueline Lapine
     Jacqueline Lapine (@LapineLive) director of PR and a "social scientist" for Arras Keathley (@AKACleveland), a marketing and brand innovation agency in Cleveland
    Favorite social media platform: Snapchat

  3. Charlene Coughlin
    August 21, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from Twist Creative's Charlene Coughlin
    Charlene Coughlin (@cacoughlin) director of account services for Twist Creative Inc. (@TWISTtweets), a Cleveland-based marketing communications agency
    Favorite social media platform: Twitter

  4.  Amber Zent
    July 17, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from Marcus Thomas LLC's Amber Zent
     Amber Zent (@amberzent), vice president and social media strategist at Marcus Thomas LLC (@MarcusThomasCle), a Warrensville Heights-based advertising, public relations and digital marketing agency
    Favorite social media platform: Instagram (@amberzent) -  "Lately, I've been using Twitter more and more for news aggregation. ..."

  5. Michelle Venorsky
    July 10, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from Hello LLC's Michelle Venorsky
     Michelle Venorsky (@michellev) is a partner and co-founder of Hello LLC (@Hello_LLC), Chagrin Falls-based engagement agency 
    Favorite social media platform: IG (Instagram)

  6. Jeffrey K. Rohrs
    July 03, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from Yext's 1st Cleveland-based Chief Marketing Officer Jeffrey Rohrs
    Jeffrey K. Rohrs (@jkrohrs)  is chief marketing officer at Yext (@yext). He is also the author of "Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans & Followers," and a regular speaker at Content Marketing World (@CMIContent)
    Favorite social media platform: Facebook and Twitter

  7.  Monina Wagner
    June 26, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from Content Marketing Institute's Monina Wagner
     Monina Wagner (@MoninaW) is community manager for the Content Marketing Institute (@CMIContent)
    Favorite social media platform: Instagram

  8.  Jason Therrien
    June 19, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from thunder::tech's Jason Therrien
     Jason Therrien (@JasonTherrien) is founder and president of thunder::tech (@thundertech) integrated marketing agency
    Favorite social media platform:  LinkedIn

  9. Alana Coticchia
    June 12, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from @dawgpndgirl Alana Coticchia
     Alana Coticchia (@dawgpndgirl) social media marketing specialist for OnBase (@OnBase)
    Favorite social media platform:  Instagram

  10. Mark Szczepanik
    June 05, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from The Adcom Group's Mark Szczepanik
     Mark Szczepanik (@Szczepanik  - @THE_DANNY_FAIRY) is creative director at The Adcom Group (@TheAdcomGroup)
    Favorite social media platform: Twitter

  11. Kevin Lockett
    May 29, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from Akron podcaster Kevin Lockett
    Kevin Lockett (@kevinlockett) is chief content officer of Akron-based Lockett Media
    Favorite social media platform: Twitter and Instagram.

    Also, please read the blog post I wrote about Kevin on October 28, 2015, entitled: - So You Think You Know Podcasting

    I am fortunate to have had many great speakers at my free, open-to-all meetings. I have been organizing these web development training meetings for the past 10 years.:

  12. Melissa Koski Carney
    May 22, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from @InTheCLE co-founder Melissa Koski Carney
     Melissa Koski Carney (@koskim) is an account director at Fahlgren Mortine (@FahlgrenMortine) integrated marketing and communications in Cleveland. She is also the co-founder of the @InTheCLE citizen twitter account
    Favorite social media platform: Snapchat and Twitter.

  13. Ben Brugler
    May 15, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from AKHIA's Twitter-happy Ben Brugler
    Ben Brugler (@BenBrugler) is president of AKHIA (@AKHIA), an integrated marketing and business communications agency in Hudson
    Favorite social media platform: Twitter

  14. Jennifer Lehner
    May 08, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia tips from early adopter Jennifer Lehner
    Jennifer Lehner (@jenrgy) is chief executive and digital marketing strategist for The Posner Lehner
    Favorite social media platform:  Facebook

  15. Lisa Zone
    May 01, 2015 - Smarter #SocialMedia Tips from Cleveland's irreverent Lisa Zone
    Lisa Zone (@LZone) is managing director of marketing communications for Dix & Eaton (@DixandEaton)
    Favorite social media platform: Twitter


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