2013 Chalk Festival Photos

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Stuart O. Smith, Jr.

2013 Chalk Festival Photos

One of the great Cleveland events I enjoy every  year is the Cleveland Museum of Art's Chalk Festival. I have not been able to fully participate for two years now, since it has been held the same weekend as the IngenuityFest (here is a link to the IngenuityFest 2013 Preview Party photos/video. Please come back next week for UPDATED: please read: IngenuityFest 2013 blog post).

I did enjoy visiting and seeing the Cleveland art work that was created. Here are the photos I took of the pieces that I liked the most. 

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I highly recommend you see this event in person. Learn more about event at the Cleveland Museum of Art's Chalk Festival web page.

See my photos from the 2012 Cleveland Chalk Festival here. I also included more details about the event in last year's blog post.