#MyTwitterAnniversary! Ten Years of Exploring Possibilities!

 Twitter says: "Happy 10th Twitter Anniversary!"

Today is my 10th anniversary on Twitter! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the good people in the Twitterverse who have invited me to learn about their lives and what they care about, by sharing interesting activities. And to the cultural, art, civic, and creative organizations, thank you for bringing joy into my life by informing me of new opportunities in which I could participate.

In #MyTwitterAnniversary blog post, I want to wish you a great month, year, and life full of adventure and fun times as I start my eleventh year of blogging and sharing on Twitter! 

"Hello, World" - Stuart O. Smith, Jr.'s First Tweet! October 1, 2009.

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Web Development SIG: So Long, and Thanks for all the Free Web Development Training!

Web Development SIG: So Long, and Thanks for all the Free Web Development Training!

Today, November 19, 2016, the third Saturday of this month, seems like an appropriate day to formally announce that I will not be running the Web Development Special Interest Group (Web Development SIG -- WebSIGCleveland.org) any longer. I chose today to announce this because the Web Development SIG has met on the third Saturday of most months for the last 10 years.

The main purpose of posting this today is to thank the many presenters who have made the Web Development SIG a success. You will see some of their names listed in historical content below. Thank you to those who have made presentations during my tenure -- January 21, 2006 to March 9, 2016 -- and to those who worked with my predecessors. I truly will miss learning from you.

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WebSigCleveland.org - So You Think You Know Podcasting

"So You Think You Know Podcasting"

I was fortunate to have Kevin Lockett present a talk entitled So You Think You Know Podcasting at my October 17, 2015, WebSigCleveland.org meeting. Kevin's podcasting talk also provided resources and creative ideas beyond podcasting, which is why I decided to gather my notes, tweets, and Kevin's slides, and create this blog post.

My notes on the presentation are included in my @sos_jr tweets I did during the meeting, so I have embedded them in this blog post. 

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Web Vulnerability » Akron Maker Faire » Launch League SpaceWalk

Web Vulnerability » Akron Maker Faire » Launch League SpaceWalk

September 19, 2015 -- what a day!

I am a person who likes to attend a lot of events, but this day was unusual even for me! I got up at 6:00 a.m. to prepare for the day, and did not get home until late at night.

The reason for sharing my day with you, the reader, is twofold:

  • I learned about a lot of interesting things.

  • I want to thank everyone that made the day's events a grand success. Most of the people involved are donating their time to make our community better.

Here is how I spent my day:

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HTML5 Video: Why & How

HTML5 Video: Why & How

In my presentation to WebSigCleveland.org on "HTML5 Video: Why & How," I covered:

  1. Why: the pros and cons of using HTML5 video, and other options
  2. Build: how to create the HTML5, and resources to create the HTML5 videos
  3. Configure: list of additional HTML5 attributes

The slides, HTML samples, and text were originally created for my oral presentation. 

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Cleveland Tech, Entrepreneur & Social Media Meetings Mon 3/11 - Mon 3/18

Here are this week's Cleveland tech, entrepreneur, and social media meetings!

I want to bring to your attention two meetings for those of you interested in open source content management systems, plus ask you to share with others the information I gather in my Blogiversary blog post.

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Bootstrap: Powerful & Easy HTML/CSS

Bootstrap: Powerful & Easy HTML/CSS Templates

At the October 20, 2012, WebSigCleveland.org meeting, attendees were given an in-depth introduction to a collection of HTML/CSS components, as well as JavaScript extensions, that make the creation of websites easier -- Bootstrap. After I saw a May 15, 2012, presentation on Bootstrap from Twitter by the Cleveland Adobe Users Group leader, Dan Vega, I asked him to do his presentation at a WebSigCleveland.org meeting. Dan did a great job sharing his knowledge of the subject, and prepared an incredible set of slides that will be a resource for WebSigCleveland.org members going forward.

Here is a summary from my notes of some of the key points learned that day, along with a list of other related resources. I hope you find these as useful as I did.
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WebSigCleveland.org Featured in CBC Magazine


Cleveland Business Connects Magazine’s September 2012 issue has the overall theme of information technology and social media in Cleveland. An article, "Networking 2.0: Techies Harness the Power of Continual Education," was written about WebSigCleveland.org and its partner organizations, the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group and the Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group. These groups are headed by Jim Evans and Remington Phillips, respectively.

The article focuses on how these three Cleveland organizations provide face-to-face technology education. I love the title of the article, since I am a big supporter of continual education. This has led me to not only become the administrator of WebSigCleveland.org, but also to create my sosAssociates.com blog, which supports technology education groups in our community.

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WebSigCleveland.org Javascript & Stylesheet Toolkits

WebSigCleveland.org Javascript/Stylesheet Toolkits

At the March 17, 2012, WebSigCleveland.org meeting, Richard Schulte, a co-founder of the local tech worker co-op Flywheel Tech Collective, did a presentation on “Javascript/Stylesheet UI Toolkits - Why, Which and How?” He introduced attendees to the more popular and/or useful tools for developing Javascript and Cascading Stylesheets for website design, and Richard did not disappoint his audience.

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