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Cleveland Business Connects Magazine’s (CBCmagazine.com - @CBCmagazine) September 2012 issue has the overall theme of information technology and social media in Cleveland. I was honored that CBC Editor Thomas Skernivitz approached me about an article featuring WebSigCleveland.org (follow Twitter hash tag: #WebSigCLE) and its partner organizations, the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group (GCPCUG.org - @GCPCUG) and the Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG.org - @CDPUG). These groups are headed by Jim Evans (@GeekClean) and Remington Phillips (RemingtonPhillips.com@RemingtonDesign), respectively.

The article "Networking 2.0: Techies Harness the Power of Continual Education," written by Lauren Caggiano (LCagg.com@LCagg), focuses on how these three Cleveland organizations provide face-to-face technology education. I love the title of the article, since I am a big supporter of continual education. This has led me to not only become the administrator of WebSigCleveland.org, but also to create my sosAssociates.com blog, which supports technology education groups in our community.

Please view the article online here: "Networking 2.0: Techies Harness the Power of Continual Education" or click on the photo below to view a PDF version from the printed magazine (note that that the article has the wrong starting time listed for WebSigCleveland.org meetings. The correct time is 10:30 a.m.).



As mentioned in the article, WebSigCleveland.org is one of the oldest special interest groups in Cleveland. I am very proud to be continuing the tradition of web development programs with this fall's season:

I am always looking for great topic ideas, so please feel free to contact me (@sos_jr) with your ideas for 2013 WebSigCleveland.org meetings.

All WebSigCleveland.org meeting are free and open to all. Meetings are normally the third Saturday of the month, at 10:30 a.m., in room 30 (Lower Floor - Administration Building) at Notre Dame College. Please see the website for updates and driving directions.

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