PlayhouseSquare 2015-2016 Broadway Launch Party!

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We were thrilled when Digital Communications Manager Stephanie Anderson from PlayhouseSquare (@PlayhouseSquare) invited us to their big event announcing the 2015-2016 KeyBank Broadway Series! We have been attending many of the shows and events at the many theatres and surrounding venues of PlayhouseSquare, but have never attended a PlayhouseSquare Broadway Launch Party. We already knew that Cleveland's PlayhouseSquare is the second largest theater venue in the United States, but this evening we learned how Cleveland is the #1 city for touring Broadway shows, with 32,000 season ticket holders!

Cleveland is the #1 city for touring Broadway shows, with 32,000 season ticket holders!
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PlayhouseSquare Broadway Launch Party!

We need to start by saying how impressed we were with the Lakewood Project (alternative rock orchestra) performance. They kicked off the evening playing (appropriately) "On Broadway." The Lakewood High School (@Lkwd_LHS) group of electric and acoustic string players, and percussionists just blew away the crowd! We really need to find out more about this group so we can see them perform again!

Here is our video from the evening of the Lakewood Project's performance:

We were also entertained by Broadway's Meggie Cansler singing songs from the show Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. Here is our video of Meggie Cansler (@HerLadyMess) from the evening.

In our Dazzle Cleveland! blog post, we noted how impressed we were with the way "Playhouse Square did a great job encouraging attendees to share their pictures and impressions via Twitter at Dazzle The District." For the Broadway Launch Party, they really continued this tradition of using social media in a superior professional manner. It would be great if all Cleveland public events were this engaging with their audiences via social media.

PlayhouseSquare (@PlayhouseSquare) engaged the audience by...

Since PlayhouseSquare encouraged the sharing on social media during the evening, we were able to take photos/videos to share with you here (please remember that video and audio recording, and photography are normally prohibited in theaters):

If your device does not support photos/videos, please view them here.

Here is our video of the Broadway Launch Party closing with Meggie Cansler and the Lakewood Project (alternative rock orchestra):


If you want to watch the video of the full event, please see PlayhouseSquare's 2015 Annual Broadway Launch Party on YouTube.

Announcing the 2015-2016 KeyBank Broadway Series at PlayhouseSquare!

Here they are! The links in the show titles go to the official PlayhouseSquare "Broadway in Cleveland" web page for each show. There you can read a synopsis of the show's plot, see official show photos, and purchase your tickets. I have also included the Twitter name for each show, so you can see what is shared about each production.

PlayhouseSquare 2015-2016 Broadway Series!
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All season long, you can easily find Broadway in Cleveland information by following @PlayhouseSquare's #BWYinCLE hashtag, and by this easy-to-remember PlayhouseSquare Broadway website address:

Here is the official PlayhouseSquare press release PDF file that you can download here.

Here are the official videos about the shows:

Bullets Over Broadway - October 6-18, 2015

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder - Nov. 3-15, 2015

If/Then - February 9-21, 2016

Highlights From If/Then Starring Idina Menzel - Video - Playbill

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical - April 5-17, 2016

Matilda The Musical - May 3-22, 2016

Steel Magnolias - May 21 – August 21, 2016

Phantom of the Opera - June 15 – July 10, 2016


Take a look at our @sos_jr tweets and retweets about the PlayhouseSquare Launch Party and the 2015-2016 KeyBank Broadway Series. Here you will see photos and videos relating to Broadway in Cleveland, plus links to other articles and blogs. Please retweet those that you think your followers would enjoy seeing, particularly those that link to articles and show information.


The #BWYinCLE "After Party"

Friendly PlayhouseSquare Staff

We would like to close by saying how impressed we by the friendly and outgoing PlayhouseSquare staff and RedCoat volunteers. In addtion to talking about the current shows, staff members went out of their way to share the history of the theatres and to invite us to the monthly Playhouse Square free backstage tours. We could tell that they were proud of being part of PlayhouseSquare's success.

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Past PlayhouseSquare Blog Posts

This PlayhouseSquare 2015-2016 Broadway Launch Party! blog post is our 10th blog post pertaining to PlayhouseSquare. Also, if you watch our @sos_jr Twitter feed, you will often see our tweets about attending shows, or enjoying the PlayhouseSquare district of Cleveland in other ways.

To learn more about our experiences at PlayhouseSquare, please watch our @sos_jr tweets and see our blog posts:

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We are looking forward to more fun at PlayhouseSquare!

Julie and Stuart in media section in the Connor Palace Theatre loge
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Broadway season launch party media passDisclosure: We received two media passes from PlayhouseSquare to attend the 2015-2016 Broadway Launch Party event in the evening's designated media section in the Connor Palace Theatre loge. We were also PlayhouseSquare's guests for the after party, and enjoyed free drinks and snacks. We were approached to attend because of our support of PlayhouseSquare via our @sos_jr Twitter feed. We enjoyed the event, and wrote this blog to share our experience and our opinion of the performance and after party.


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We were fortunate to go to the A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder at the PlayhouseSquare's Connor Palace Theatre on Friday, November 6, 2015. 



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