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With the busy June I had, including a backpacking trip and my normal activities, I found that I had fallen behind in updating my list of new Northeast Ohio tech meetings. Many new groups started recently -- seven of which I list here with the Twitter names of their leaders:

  1. Akron Big Data and Hadoop Group
  2. ​Cleveland Mobile Developers - @audienceofnone @GaryGJohnson @DaveShah #modevcle
  3. Cleveland IT Security Meetup Group - @hurricanelabs​
  4. Cleveland Women's Web Programming Meetup Group - @MelKMcGee​​
  5. Data Visualization & Visual Analytics Meetup: Cleveland -
  6. Enterprise Architect/Solution Architect Meetup - @MySQLCleveland
  7. Northeast Ohio Scala Programmers - @neoscala @relrod6

Please see my March 8th Blogiversary post for a list of 120 groups I tracked at that time. If you know of others, please feel free to add other new tech meetings in the comments below or mention to me on Twitter at @sos_jr.

Below are this week's Cleveland tech, entrepreneur, and social media meetings. Plus, as I did last summer, I also list some of my favorite free outdoor arts events in my weekly tweets -- WOW Concerts and Cleveland Shakespeare Festival.

Please share this blog post with others who are interested in any of the following meetings. If you are on Twitter, please re-tweet those meetings that you find interesting to share with others. Thank you.


Submitted by Gary (not verified) on Wed, 07/03/2013 - 12:31


Thanks for listing our meetup on your website. @audienceofnone is also a leader of this group; would you mind adding him to the list?

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Submitted by Stuart Smith on Fri, 07/05/2013 - 12:36


Gary (@GaryGJohnson):

You are most welcome! I always like to hear and promote new technology meetings in Cleveland. So much happening in our community. I am sure that ​Cleveland Mobile Developers will be a great addition.

Thank you also for suggeting that I add @audienceofnone to this blog post. I have made the update.

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