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I have attended many of the Northeast Ohio Software Association (NEOSA) networking events in the past. I have always enjoyed these gatherings, since I always meet interesting people. The event that took place at The Oak Barrel (@TheOakBarrel) on January 29, 2015, was a special night. Not only was NEOSA's new name presented, but also the expansion of services represented by the change.

NEOSA was started in 1998. I have attended NEOSA events since about 2001 -- before it was part of COSE. I remember first learning about and attending a NEOSA meeting at the old New Horizons Computer Learning Center (@NewHorizonsCLC) location in Independence, Ohio, where I was taking certification classes.

Over the years, whenever I told people about a NEOSA program or meeting, I would first say "NEOSA," and then say "Northeast Ohio Software Association," while explaining that it was a professional association supporting the technology field in the Greater Cleveland area. I always felt the name "NEOSA" had to be explained to those who had not yet attended a meeting. When I read the following NEOSA Tech Thursday announcement, I looked forward to a new name that would be more descriptive.

NEOSA Tech Thursday
...excited to share  some important information at January’s Tech Thursday!  We’ve been working on new branding for NEOSA throughout 2014 and we’ll announce our new name, share our new logo and also share information on new services coming online around business development, talent and more.

Announcing OHTech!


The Northeast Ohio Software Association is now OHTech!

The new name, OHTech, reflects the change in the composition that has already occurred within the membership of OHTech. No longer is the organization limited by the word "software" in its name. It is a professional association that supports the full gamut of the technology arena, not just software development.

The "OH" reflects a new strategic emphasis -- to grow to be a resource throughout the entire state of Ohio.

OHTech New Services

 OHTech Blog 
Wherefore art thou NEOSA?

We’ve been working on a lot of changes here, at the former NEOSA, changes that include new talent services, business development, statewide connections and more. So as part of that whole process, it made a lot of sense to re-evaluate the brand image and make changes as necessary. Hence: OHTech.

Details are still being announced, but the name change also reflects new and expanded programs. OHTech will seek out program partners throughout Ohio for its existing programs, to make it a statewide leader in technology professional services.

Watch for program developments in these areas:

  • Workforce Development - Coordinate technical educational to address the current labor shortage in our region.

  • Government Relations - Represent the interests of the technology field on statewide and federal levels.

  • Manager of Talent Services - A new position created to support OHTech, with responsibilities to provide talent coaching for local tech companies. Patrick M. Antos (@PatrickMAntos) is the first Manager of Talent Services. Learn more about Patrick in this article: Five Questions with Patrick Antos

  • Networking Events Beyond Cleveland - Not only plan networking events in neighboring cities, but possiblity broadcast presenters from one event to other locations.

  • COSE - Explore how the core services of COSE (@COSEsmallbiz) can service the needs of technology companies in neighboring communities.

I recommend watching the OHTech website, and Brad Nellis (@OHTech_Nellis) on Twitter, to learn about OHTech programs as the develop.

What Others Shared - OHTech!

Here are some blog posts and articles about OHTech. I highly recommend reading Chuck Soder's OHTech article in Crains Cleveland Business.

OHTech Announcement Photos

Thanks to Brad Nellis (@OHTech_Nellis) for sharing these photos with me from the OHTech announcement event:

If your device does not support photos, please view them here.

Tweets and Retweets

Here are my @sos_jr tweets and retweets that I shared about the event. They include my photos from the event, and links from others who attended.


I look forward to watching the development of OHTech's new programs. I hope to do a follow-up blog post to report on their future progress.

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