Cleveland's TechCentral MakerSpace Grand Opening

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Stuart O. Smith, Jr.

TechCentral MakerSpace Grand Opening

I had fun last Saturday! After attending the great Codemash conference (@Codemash) last week, I did not want to experience post-conference technology withdrawal symptoms, so I decided to attend yet another technology-related event. (I highly recommend following the #Codemash hashtag, since many good resources are shared by the 2,000+ participants.)

The grand opening of the new TechCentral MakerSpace at the Cleveland Public Library (@Cleveland_PL) showcased some exciting technology. What makes the MakerSpace truly remarkable is that the following resources are now accessible to anyone with a library card:

  • Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

  • 3D Printing - now with two colors!

  • 3D Scanning

  • Vinyl Cutting Machine

  • Photography, Videography, and Graphics Design
    - table-top light for stop-motion videos or professional product shots
    - green screen video technology

  • Music Recording and Production

  • MakerSpace Computer Access and Meeting Space

Read all the details about these new resources that are available to you on the TechCentral MakerSpace web page. Here is the program from the grand opening of TechCentral MakerSpace:

TechCentral MakerSpace Grand Opening Program
Program PDF

Photos & Videos

Here are my photos and a video to give you a taste of the event. Please be sure to view all the additional videos in the tweets below. They are worth seeing.

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Cleveland TechCentral MakerSpace Grand Opening
Felton Thomas, Jr., library CEO, uses laser engraver to cut ribbon at openingTechCentral computer screen shows software available at MakerSpaceMusic recording & production computerLaser engraver available to the publicTechCentral MakerSpace laser engraverDemo of laser engraver software at MakerSpaceTechCentral MakerSpace laser engravingTechCentral MakerSpace vinyl cuttingTechCentral MakerSpace 3D printerTechCentral MakerSpace green screen demoStuart tried out the music recording & production computer

In the following video, Cleveland Public Library Executive Director & CEO Felton Thomas, Jr. (@Feltonian), and TechCentral Manager CJ Lynce officially open the MakerSpace. The video ends just before the cutting of the grand opening ribbon with the laser cutter. Mr. Thomas talks about the future with many "baby" TechCentrals being created throughout the Cleveland community.

The Future

The opening of the TechCentral MakerSpace represents the future. Earlier this year, I saw the following Cleveland TEDx Talk (@TEDxCLE) video featuring Felton Thomas, Jr., as a "Drum Major for Change." I highly recommend you watch it -- it is inspiring to learn how the library impacts Cleveland's citizens. When I met Mr. Thomas at the MakerSpace opening, I told him that I had seen this video and was excited by it.

Cleveland Public Library -
The Drum Major for Change: Felton Thomas, Jr.

The TechCentral MakerSpace is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., so bring your library card and be creative! In addition to their normal hours of operation, I want to let you know about the following future special events:

Cleveland Mini Maker Faire

I plan to attend both of these events. I hope to see you there.

Tweets and Retweets

These tweets include photos, videos, and links from the event. Please be sure to look through these tweets to feel some of the excitement of the day.

What Others Say

I always like to share what others say in my blog. For this event, I highly recommend you take a look at the following articles. Most of them include videos and/or photos that will show off the great new resource we have in our community with TechCentral MakerSpace.


Please feel free to leave comments below, and let me know when you visit Cleveland's new TechCentral MakerSpace.