Cleveland Museum of Art's 2013 Solstice Party

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Summer started out sizzling last Saturday night at the Cleveland Museum of Art! The museum welcomed 5,000 people for its fifth annual Solstice party -- an evening of art, music, dancing, food, and drink.  Visitors were greeted by volunteers in brightly colored balloon dresses, and others encased in balloon “cocoons.” Visitors and greeters all danced to the live music of the featured bands outdoors in front of the museum, or the music enthusiastically played by DJs in the new atrium.

The music echoed throughout the museum as people wandered through the galleries, including the new North Wing, which features art from the Americas, Japan, and Korea. 

The outdoor music was accompanied by stunning visuals projected onto the front of museum, and the dazzling lights of electric hula hoop dancers. We especially enjoyed watching as the museum itself became the Gallery One Collection Wall!(See our three earlier blog posts about Gallery One: @ClevelandArt #GalleryOne Crash Party; CMA's New Interactive Gallery Opens, plus GCPCUG & CLE Drupal; Photos of Gallery One Opening!)

A fascinating visual presentation, “SlowDancing,” by David Michalek, was shown continuously in the museum’s magnificent new atrium. It consisted of videos of dancers moving in a sort of “ultra-slow motion” on three gigantic screens.

The summery weather, a beautiful moon, and plenty of food and beverages added to the good mood of the party-goers.

Here is the official promotional video from the museum for this year's Solstice Party.

Here are our photos and videos from the night. 

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