Cleveland Winterfest 2012

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Cleveland Winterfest 2012

We had a great time on November 24, 2012, at this year's Winterfest, and are excited to share our photos and videos with you. Apparently, lots of other people also had fun, as evidenced by their tweets, which we have posted below. Be sure to look at the tweets, since many include photos and people sharing this good time in Cleveland. Please share this web page with others, and thank/follow those who shared the Cleveland fun via Twitter.

Of more importance today is that you can still go downtown and see all the holiday displays! Please click on the image below and read the Winterfest 2012 Program. We have included it here not only so you can remember (or learn) about the day, but also so you can see the upcoming Cleveland events listed on pages 8 though 15!

Be sure to learn more and look for updates at the Downtown Cleveland Alliance @DowntownCLE website at:






First, here is our Cleveland Winterfest 2012 slideshow. We recommend opening in full screen mode. Enjoy! 


Next is our 180° & 360° Views -- Please be sure to click on full screen mode to get the full effect. 


Here is a YouTube playlist of our 11 Cleveland Winterfest 2012 videos. They are intended to give you a brief slice of the entertainment, fireworks, and Christmas lights from our city's Winterfest. 

Cleveland W​interfest 2012 Tweets 

Here are #Winterfest tweets from the day. Please take some time and look, since many have photos and interesting links. If you were at the event, you might see your tweets. If not, look for your friends who are on Twitter. 



More great Cleveland Winterfest 2012 tweets with photos with the hash tag of #Winterfest2012:


What Others Are Saying

Here are some articles and photos from others about the 2012 Winterfest. We would be very interested in adding more blogs/photos/articles, so please contact us via Twitter, or leave a comment below. On our blog posts, we always like to link to others who share online about Cleveland events. 

Here are two videos that others provided of the event. If you know of others, please let me know in the comments below. 



Special thanks to Cleveland Winterfest 2012 Sponsors

Every year, Clevelanders get to enjoy this great holiday tradition. Here are a list of sponsors from the Downtown Cleveland Alliance Winterfest 2012 web page. Thank you to Downtown Cleveland Alliance @DowntownCLE and this year's sponsors for the fun, and congratulations on your success! This year's event seemed larger and grander than ever!   

Winterfest Sponsors