Fireworks! Cleveland West Side Market Centennial

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Thu Jun 7th 2012

We had a great time at the June 2nd centennial celebration kickoff for the West Side Market, and decided to share these photos of the fireworks with you. Suggestion: Click through the photos really fast and make your own sound effects :-)

Please click on this photo
to see all the fireworks!

For more information on the West Side Market centennial celebration, go to:

 Positively Cleveland - West Side Market Centennial

Want to learn more about the West Side Market Centennial? Here is a @PositivelyCleve video that will tell you more:

Centennial Celebration Tweets

Here are tweets from @WestSideMarket about the celebration, and @sos_jr (Stuart's) tweets about our evening: 



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only want to say thanks article

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Wish I could have been there but it was the same day as the @WhyCleWedding

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Submitted by Stuart Smith on

Seeing Al Roker (@alroker) at the West Side Market this morning during the Today Show (@TodayShow) reminded me to take a look at Centennial Celebration Events, which is located on the web at:

Here are some tweets and re-tweets from Al Roker's visit to Cleveland's West Side Market, which include photos from this morning's activities:

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WebSigCleveland and

Stuart O. Smith, Jr., MNO