Mtgs I track this wk: Mon 4/30-Mon 5/7

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I thought this was going to be a slow week in Cleveland for tech meetings and other events I track, but then I updated my calendar! I promoted more than 18 meetings/events tonight! 

I also discovered tonight that my Google Chrome browser has mysteriously deleted some of my bookmarks. I missed announcing a meeting that was on my list, but heard about it from other sources and added it later. I will be able to recreate the missing bookmarks from a backup list I have on my Firefox browser, but it is still a frustrating problem.  Would like to hear from anyone else that has had this problem, and knows of a solution. 

Please feel free to leave comments below to let me know if you use my weekly tweets. I have been tweeting about tech meetings and other events in Cleveland since October 2009. 

Meeting topics this week include:  SQL Server, Coding Dojo, SEO, GIMP, Drupal, WordPress, and more!

Also, it is exciting that Cleveland Give Camp will start taking applications from Cleveland charities this week!