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Cleveland Foundation #CtrlAltCLE Convenes: Tech & Digital Equity/Blockchain for Social Good

Ctrl + Alt + CLE

I recently learned that the Cleveland Foundation has launched the new Ctrl + Alt + CLE group. Although I missed the first meeting on September 6, 2018, #CtrlAltCLE Convenes: Tech & Digital Equity, it dealt with a topic that I am very interested in, so I knew I should make it a point to attend future meetings. Fortunately, I was able to attend the second #CtrlAltCLE meeting, and a special #CtrlAltCLE blockchain training for nonprofits/government.

#CtrlAltCLE Convenes: Blockchain for Social Good

In this blog post, I will share:

I am also including information about classes that relate to the work of #CtrlAltCLE. The classes are available FREE with your library card! Business and Technology Classes -- FREE with Library Card!

This is just the beginning of the new #CtrlAltCLE program, and I recommend you join with me in learning how Ctrl + Alt + CLE will evolve.

Blog Date: 
Sunday, November 11, 2018
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