Future Plans

Hear from @EmilyBacha of future #YPCLE16 action items for @ClevelandYPS @TheCityClub @CleveFoundation.

Gr8 ideas! pic.twitter.com/2XHFGDPI1j

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) May 14, 2016

Ending the day with some solid ideas about diversity and inclusion! @GlobalCleveland #YPCLE16 pic.twitter.com/ySEo0y0QEI

— Annette M. Iwamoto (@amiwamoto) May 14, 2016

Discussing action items! Thanks to all who were able to join us today for #YPCLE16 - you are the future of Cleveland pic.twitter.com/UlhPqsMRJC

— ClevelandYPS (@ClevelandYPS) May 14, 2016

Wrapping up another successful #YPCLE16. Sold out crowd today w/ hundreds of great conversations & new friendships! pic.twitter.com/r5Mi9oazhc

— Daniel Dudley (@daniel_dudley) May 14, 2016

Hear from @EmilyBacha that @ClevelandYPS will send out full #YPCLE16 report in the near future. https://t.co/Yz3NVwclA4

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) May 14, 2016

Super proud of my @ClevelandYPS crew and all that we accomplished in the months leading up to today! You all kick ass! #YPCLE16

— Kris Bader (@kristoferbader) May 14, 2016

@ClevelandYPS celebrating a successful, thought provoking #YPCLE16. Great work guys! pic.twitter.com/7T0V5AEkSP

— Pax Cle (@Pax_24) May 14, 2016

@ClevelandYPS also we can look like the adults we are #YPCLE16 pic.twitter.com/JH06alQE90

— Pax Cle (@Pax_24) May 14, 2016

Congrats @ClevelandYPS leadership: https://t.co/W2q1ptHDXl @EmilyBacha@kristoferbader@daniel_dudley@KhrysCLE
for a successful #YPCLE16!

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) May 14, 2016

.@ClevelandYPS @EmilyBacha @kristoferbader @daniel_dudley @KhrysCLE Impressive team at #YPCLE16#ThisIsCLE at best! pic.twitter.com/kyNc6HOhXq

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) May 14, 2016

I feel more involved, even more of an evangelist. Thanks @ClevelandYPS @TheCityClub @CleveFoundation #YPCLE16 pic.twitter.com/eEvbzzf9ao

— Joshua Jones (@Josh_CLE) May 14, 2016

Thanks from the @ClevelandYPS Team for all who came out to, supported and followed our #YPCLE16 conversation today! pic.twitter.com/jG2GLg1gQ6

— ClevelandYPS (@ClevelandYPS) May 14, 2016

After The Event

.@KhrysCLE Gr8 to hear your housing talk & of @FamicosF@ClevelandYPS' #YPCLE16 gr8 success!

cc:@EmilyBacha @kristoferbader @daniel_dudley

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) May 14, 2016

.@Josh_CLE It was good talking to you at #YPCLE16 and learning about your video work at @cim_edu https://t.co/3AZA74y9gW

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) May 14, 2016

.@Akram_Boutros @FreshWaterCLE I heard @ClevelandYPS members talk about ideas like that at #YPCLE16. Contact @EmilyBacha for outcome report.

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) May 14, 2016

TY @ClevelandYPS for this event. Great learning & connecting w/ ppl concerned about social justice in #CLE! #YPCLE16 https://t.co/WLcs04p5w2

— John G Lynch (@JohnGLynch) May 14, 2016

Serious thanks to @eishida1, @KhrysCLE and @JazminALong for sharing their passion with #YPCLE16 today! #inspired

— Emily (@EmilyBacha) May 14, 2016

Thank you @EmilyBacha. Your team at @ClevelandYPS helped to move Cle forward today. Sorry to miss @KhrysCLE @JazminALong sessions. #YPCLE16

— Evan Ishida (@eishida1) May 14, 2016

Heard some great conversations and solutions from Cleveland milennials earlier at #YPCLE16 https://t.co/Eb95m0xBm7

— Krista Cantwell (@KristaCantwell) May 14, 2016

What a Millennial Caucus! Thanks for the partnership. Our town has awesome emerging leaders #YPCLE16 #CLECaucus https://t.co/62DWfoNOyW

— Cleveland Foundation (@CleveFoundation) May 15, 2016

Had a fantastic time at #YPCLE16 such an impressive group of people! @ClevelandYPS https://t.co/vQxUMyX8QH

— Young In CLE (@YoungInCLE) May 16, 2016

Thx @trivellij for mention during @ClevelandYPS/@TheCityClub/@CleveFoundation event: https://t.co/wY3F5YJOuD
I look forward to followup info

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) May 16, 2016

Civic leaders, quality discussions, actionable solutions. Check out our #YPSCLE2016 recap! https://t.co/0om9AN9vea pic.twitter.com/vohyGIbXzi

— Board of Elections (@cuyahogaboe) May 19, 2016

@cuyahogaboe #YPCLE16

— Board of Elections (@cuyahogaboe) May 19, 2016

NEW BLOG POST: Takeaways from YPCLE: The Millennial Caucus - Last weekend, we continued our Greater Cleveland C... https://t.co/M6lshLvQQv

— Cleveland Foundation (@CleveFoundation) May 18, 2016

#YPCLE16 Blog Post by @CuyahogaBOE: https://t.co/XVJfuRGKlM Features @EmilyBacha @ArmondBudish @ClevelandYPS @CleveFoundation @TheCityClub

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) May 19, 2016

I was VERY impressed w/ #YPCLE16 Keynote Panel!
I found @ClevelandYPS MillennialCaucus video https://t.co/CzpOv6UiV9 pic.twitter.com/rFKwSa60yn

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) July 13, 2016

Did you miss YPCLE: The Millennial Caucus? Check out this blog post recap: https://t.co/WEnW5tsNVh via @CuyahogaCounty. #YPCLE16

— ClevelandYPS (@ClevelandYPS) May 23, 2016