We're proud to celebrate #EarthDay this Saturday 4/22 at the @EarthDay_CLE #EarthFest. Be sure to stop by our table for fabulous prizes! pic.twitter.com/BHKIabNWd1

— LandConservancy (@WRLConservancy) April 17, 2017

Wood You Dress Up Like a Tree for EarthFest at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds? https://t.co/1giuhi7Az3 @earthday_cle

— CoolCleveland (@CoolCleveland) April 18, 2017

Giveaway: Tix to @EarthDay_CLE, you must pick them up from the Scene office downtown. Respond to this tweet if you want tix and how many. pic.twitter.com/R6vcn5rwRT

— Cleveland Scene (@ClevelandScene) April 20, 2017

Ride your bike to @EarthDay_CLE #EarthFest2017 Sat Apr 22 10am-7pm and get FREE admission! https://t.co/oa5Fd0XN51 pic.twitter.com/ZFl2nQqBfO

— Century Cycles (@CenturyCycles) April 19, 2017

Earth Day is 4/22! Here are seven ways to "celebrate all things green along the North Coast" from @FreshWaterCLE. https://t.co/MoK2eIZkam

— CuyahogaArts&Culture (@CuyArtsC) April 20, 2017

@ScienceMarchCLE Yes go to @EarthDay_CLE's #EarthDay event after #ScienceMarchCLE is great idea!
We attended in 2016 as @GCRTA guests https://t.co/B1jR2ctCEE pic.twitter.com/yOfL07vABI

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

.@ScienceMarchCLE @GCRTA We also enjoyed @EarthDay_CLE's 2015 #EarthDayhttps://t.co/IGbMF1dIJL

Excited to go again after #ScienceMarchCLE! pic.twitter.com/L4rMea8Rqt

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

#EarthFest2017 is tomorrow. Going? Take the Red Line, then free EarthFest shuttle to Berea Fairgrounds.

— Greater Cleve RTA (@GCRTA) April 21, 2017

#EarthFest2017 is Sat 4/22. RTA will have a CNG bus on display. Stop by the exhibit while you're checking out the Year of Vibrant Greenspace

— Greater Cleve RTA (@GCRTA) April 20, 2017

After Science March Cleveland

Time for @ScienceMarchCLE #Cleveland ppl to now celebrate #EarthDay at @EarthDay_CLE https://t.co/6P1i6Mm0y2 #ScienceMarchCLE#ThisIsCLE pic.twitter.com/KqMvUmGnzl

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

I'll be at #EarthFestCLE2017 with @neorsd pals today. I'm not one for autographs but my selfie game will be pic.twitter.com/JSIuEnVkkz

— Spokesdrop, NEORSD (@WallyWaterdrop) April 22, 2017

From @ScienceMarchCLE to @EarthDay_CLE's #EarthFestCLE2017. Great way to spend #EarthDay 2017!https://t.co/6P1i6Mm0y2#ScienceMarchCLE pic.twitter.com/zOpXcxwLog

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

chicken on a donkey #EarthFestCLE2017 pic.twitter.com/q9ahsGcTWI

— Anne @childbookart (@childbookart) April 22, 2017

Paint trees at @EarthDay_CLE's #EarthFestCLE2017 with @SherwinWilliams paint. https://t.co/6P1i6Mm0y2 pic.twitter.com/wXm7PYMNhf

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

we loved #EarthFestCLE2017 thanks @zonemat we even got a free dogwood tree! 🌳🌻🌍 pic.twitter.com/0x6faar9Sw

— Anne @childbookart (@childbookart) April 22, 2017

Still going strong at #earthfestcle2017! #EarthFest2017 #EarthDay till 5pm today. @neorsd @NASA pic.twitter.com/zHTKrtYk5C

— Cuyahoga JFS (CJFS) (@cjfsoutreach) April 22, 2017

#Chicken on a #donkey!!

At @EarthDay_CLE's #EarthFestCLE2017 at @cuyfair for #EarthDay 2017.https://t.co/6P1i6Mm0y2 pic.twitter.com/ZRPdx3IqXN

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

Tree stilt-walkers at @EarthDay_CLE's #EarthFestCLE2017 at @cuyfair for #EarthDay 2017. pic.twitter.com/k3SDUWXuhz

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

Interacting with the public at #EarthFestCLE2017 #ThisisCPP pic.twitter.com/Ghv082RYml

— ClevelandPublicPower (@clepublicpower) April 22, 2017

We're showcasing the art of @CLESchoolofArts students during #EarthFestCLE2017 #thisiscpp pic.twitter.com/uzPa4rRVAj

— ClevelandPublicPower (@clepublicpower) April 22, 2017

Hey @WallyWaterdrop, does the @neorsd let you drive these cool #robots I see at @EarthDay_CLE's #EarthFestCLE2017?? pic.twitter.com/j5CWa4f2AN

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

.@WallyWaterdrop Great to see @neorsd #robots at @EarthDay_CLE's #EarthFestCLE2017 pic.twitter.com/miUVz8ckMp

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

@sos_jr @neorsd @EarthDay_CLE @cuyfair I try to but my dexterity doesn't compare to the true operators'. #EarthFestCLE2017 pic.twitter.com/026pgV5DVq

— Spokesdrop, NEORSD (@WallyWaterdrop) April 22, 2017

@sos_jr I just want to say thank you Stuart for being such a great guy all around all the time, you love our community and show it w/ deeds

— joecimperman (@joecimperman) April 22, 2017

At #EarthFestCLE2017, gr8 to talk to people who hiked all #BuckeyeTrail @hikethebt.

We talked about #GrandmaGatewood & @AT_Conservancy's AT pic.twitter.com/HKQzlv55H2

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

Thank U to all who came out on a cold yet GREAT #earthfestcle2017 #earthfest @earthday 🌍 Thanks for helping us get to 400 followers today! 😎 pic.twitter.com/NxgNimIPHz

— Cuyahoga JFS (CJFS) (@cjfsoutreach) April 22, 2017

Heard at @EarthDay_CLE #EarthFestCLE2017 exciting news about Native American Garden at @CulturalGardens!

We enjoy gardens at @owdcleveland pic.twitter.com/jfJb9wIriG

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

Always great to talk to @CVNPNPS & @forcvnp at @EarthDay_CLE #EarthFestCLE2017.
Learn more about new visitor center & waterfront activities. pic.twitter.com/tB7XdjSmJh

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

Open house set for Cuyahoga Valley National Park's new visitor center https://t.co/3IWA5bNflJ via @clevelanddotcom @JenniferConn9 @CVNPNPS

— Conservancy for CVNP (@forcvnp) April 20, 2017

Importance of Earth Day should not be forgotten https://t.co/ufw0sIOpr3 via @Akrondotcom

— Conservancy for CVNP (@forcvnp) April 22, 2017

Northeast #Ohio @SierraClub wants @CityofCleveland to become 100% renewable energy

They are going to Washington DC 4/29.#EarthFestCLE2017 pic.twitter.com/MKbrCPkQEe

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

🌎 It's #Earthday TODAY and Drink Local. Drink Tap. is giving a $5/off coupon code to 4 Miles 4 Water 2017 to... https://t.co/oA54rBqYns

— DrinkLocal.DrinkTap. (@DrinkLocalTap) April 22, 2017

Great @DrinkLocalTap #volunteers at @EarthDay_CLE #EarthFestCLE2017 tell me about #Cleveland beach cleanup, Africa water, & May 6 #4m4w2017 pic.twitter.com/ZYVgm1Fisr

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

At @EarthDay_CLE's #EarthFestCLE2017 looks like @NASAglenn preparing the USA to #JourneyToMars!#Science = progress for our country!#NASA pic.twitter.com/iaSwnVkqkw

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

.@portofcleveland We have enjoyed hiking at your dyke 14 nature preserve. Good to see info about it here at @EarthDay_CLE #EarthFestCLE2017. pic.twitter.com/J7MvIRtX4J

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 22, 2017

#EarthFestCLE2017 still time until 7 pm at Berra fairgrounds

— Lila Cal (@YahCal) April 22, 2017

#EarthFest building 16. Stop and say hi. #paintingwithsnails pic.twitter.com/ptox38k599

— Nature Center (@ShakerLakes) April 22, 2017

We also had a phenomenal time at EarthFest! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and the #CLEtree table ! pic.twitter.com/Ca1zTfzocX

— LandConservancy (@WRLConservancy) April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day, everyone! The first #EarthDay was celebrated 47 years ago. Buttons: https://t.co/3cS0rJv571 🌏 pic.twitter.com/JpEGY610jC

— amhistorymuseum (@amhistorymuseum) April 22, 2017

Hmm... I know those two!! Good work #buckeyetrail! https://t.co/I938Xtb8fw

— Richard Lutz (@RichardALutz) April 23, 2017