@DrinkLocalTap Gr8 that @CityofCleveland suggests reusable #WaterBottles filled by @ClevelandWater for #CavsParade! https://t.co/fcsjW1BP4y

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

An actual Championship parade in Cleveland. Last time this happened I think Capt Penny was the MC, maybe Ghoulardi. #cavsparade #ALLin216

— Vince Cellini (@Vince_Cellini) June 22, 2016

These #Cavs fans are ready and waiting for tomorrow's #Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Parade #ALLin216 #3Cavs pic.twitter.com/ocX3HU8SUS

— WKYC Channel 3 News (@wkyc) June 22, 2016

#cavsparade: Few dozen people already hanging out by Mall B. Not letting anyone on grass until 9am #ALLin216 #cavs pic.twitter.com/ogivJmQ0hT

— Homa Bash (@HomaBash) June 22, 2016

People camped out for the Cavaliers' parade. pic.twitter.com/I0dZlnFRAY

— Zack Meisel (@ZackMeisel) June 22, 2016

PARADE DAY. #OneForTheLand

— Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) June 22, 2016

Cheering on the @cavs tomorrow?! Grab a @GCRTA Championship $5 round-trip pass! https://t.co/vp6mCawSft

— DowntownCLE (@DowntownCLE) June 21, 2016

For real though... pic.twitter.com/ybWdcOUUj0

— Stephanie (@NerdyITWoman) June 22, 2016

Hot dog cart already getting business at 1:15 am #cavsparade #cavs @clevelanddotcom pic.twitter.com/DxCluzmzZJ

— Cliff Pinckard (@cpinckard) June 22, 2016

A video tour of the CAVS parade at 4AM. People already there! @majic1057 @cleveland19news https://t.co/0ZLCzwpHx5 pic.twitter.com/YzwRIrdQ0V

— Mark Nolan (@TheNolanNation) June 22, 2016

Here's proof that there are in fact porta-potties downtown for the #cavsparade. #CLE pic.twitter.com/IiCmE6qLLu

— Tom Horsman (@TomHorsman) June 22, 2016

Let the wild rumpus start #ALLin216 #cavs #wearethechampions pic.twitter.com/LQnww8iliP

— joecimperman (@joecimperman) June 22, 2016

The @ShopTowerCity @GCRTA station! #cavsparade pic.twitter.com/fZ5F0bVaup

— Terminal Tower CLE (@TowerLightsCLE) June 22, 2016

If you're going to the parade, park in the flats. It's still calm, cheap, and it's a beautiful morning for a walk.

— Josh Flagner (@RailbirdJ) June 22, 2016

CLEVELAND IT IS 6:45 am. pic.twitter.com/ULiMREMxOE

— Lydia Coutré (@LydiaCoutre) June 22, 2016

Everything is awesome in #cleveland! Front of city hall already packed! #RNC2016 https://t.co/VUNSGOjm9W pic.twitter.com/hmeqVN1wY5

— CLE Econ Dev (@CLE_EconDev) June 22, 2016

Welp! Just woke up and it's already too late to get downtown to attend the parade. #MaybeNextYear

— Melanie Sklarz (@MelanieSklarz) June 22, 2016

.@ArmondBudish officially declares June22nd @cavs Day throughout @CuyahogaCounty https://t.co/N2MKST5ngA #ALLin216 #WeRCuyCo

— Cuyahoga County (@CuyahogaCounty) June 21, 2016

Attention all riders ALL parking lots are now full except for a few spots at west park. #cavsparade

— Greater Cleve RTA (@GCRTA) June 22, 2016

This still feels surreal. #CavsParade #CLE pic.twitter.com/Bhgr2EwD6K

— Tom Horsman (@TomHorsman) June 22, 2016

Cleveland, 7:20 a.m. pic.twitter.com/YYw7FRVcxY

— Nick Castele (@NickCastele) June 22, 2016

On the phone w/ @GCRTA . Most of their parking lots are full. Trains running & also full. Pack your patience @wkyc https://t.co/hjsBaZ3Bmk

— Danielle Wiggins (@DaniWKYC) June 22, 2016

Hats off to person(s) doing @GCRTA's Twitter. Good luck!

— Todd Sheppard (@taawd) June 22, 2016

@taawd @GCRTA that is going to be a rough one. Hardest job in CLE right now.

— Cleveland Chick (@ClevelandChick) June 22, 2016

.@ClevelandChick @taawd appreciate your support. Enjoy this historic day for #Cleveland! :) #allin216

— Greater Cleve RTA (@GCRTA) June 22, 2016

Gotta give credit to the person running the @GCRTA Twitter account today. Not a job I would want now, but glad to see their responsiveness

— Tom Horsman (@TomHorsman) June 22, 2016

Good morning, #CLE! Here's a live shot of the #OneForTheLand Parade Rally point on Mall B. Enjoy the day & be safe! pic.twitter.com/ZhYZIj8Ead

— KeyBank (@keybank) June 22, 2016

Looking at Twitter this morning sure makes me glad that I live in @DowntownCLE. My travel plans for the #cavsparade: pic.twitter.com/3JFl95l2uc

— Tom Horsman (@TomHorsman) June 22, 2016

Line at Brookpark rd rapid station is CRAZY long! Wow! pic.twitter.com/FnF4eFmcxs

— David (@ClevSportsGuy) June 22, 2016

The Puritas-150th rapid station has a line wrapped around the parking lot if people in line. Good luck downtown today everyone!

— Nicole Batchelor (@nicolebatchelor) June 22, 2016

The line waiting to board the @GCRTA green road rapid for downtown pic.twitter.com/Dl1zGP2y9M

— Steven Litt (@steven_litt) June 22, 2016

MT @alroker: Some tunes to go w/ the celebration in #CLE, b/c Cleveland Rocks! @cavs! @TheCLE #ThisIsCLE @Spotify https://t.co/hFNkCL1Ewg

— Cleveland Foundation (@CleveFoundation) June 22, 2016

Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Parade Details Announced « CBS Cleveland https://t.co/hEUAjT96cL

— Marcia Pledger (@marciapledger) June 22, 2016

Getting ready to celebrate #Cavs at Championship Parade! Took #GCRTA to get downtown...lots of folks ... celebrate! pic.twitter.com/0O85vXktn6

— Dr. Dex (@DrDexterJohnson) June 22, 2016

Rapid is full BOTH WAYS!! #cavsparade pic.twitter.com/3ihNWzMYy2

— Kelly Coffman (@kbcoff) June 22, 2016

The Rapid Is Nuts Right Now. Consider the Bus https://t.co/1aSE8ibjOH

— Kevin Lockett (@kevinlockett) June 22, 2016

Another #Cavs family walking it in from ScrantonFlats to the #cavsparade #CR622 #ThisisCLE pic.twitter.com/emhwUggjfR

— Share The River (@ShareTheRiver) June 22, 2016

RTA POLICE: Eastbound Rapid too full. No stop at West 25th St @clevelanddotcom #cavsparade #ALLinCLE

— Chanda Neely (@ChandaNeely) June 22, 2016

Shame on you @USAParking @USAParkingOhio $50 is straight up profiteering BS #gocavs #allin pic.twitter.com/zk2JliCnGp

— jonathon sawyer (@chefsawyer) June 22, 2016

Anybody hear how the RTA Healthline along Euclid has been? I might try that as an alternate to the Rapid.

— John Ettorre (@workinwithwords) June 22, 2016

Rode @GCRTA bus to work DT amidst throngs of fans headed to #cavsparade + next to some poor guy just trying to get to a doc appt in 3.5 hrs.

— Lydia Coutré (@LydiaCoutre) June 22, 2016

With the long lines and LOUD CHEERING this feels like a @cedarpoint ride. Love you @GCRTA. #ALLin216 pic.twitter.com/Fb03BZiEOr

— Joshua Jones (@Josh_CLE) June 22, 2016

Cleveland Cavaliers parade? Bring your reusable bottle (and maybe some TP) and hand… https://t.co/VIod7qib3d

— DrinkLocal.DrinkTap. (@DrinkLocalTap) June 22, 2016

Exit to muni lot on s marginal is backed up but not terrible pic.twitter.com/Egd4Bokz6l

— Josh Schramm (@JoshReedSchramm) June 22, 2016

Crowds at Mall B and C. Party already started! #cavsparade #NBAChamps pic.twitter.com/pu4Arrw9hH

— Tammy Colson (@TLColson) June 22, 2016

I'm only up right now for 1 reason and one reason only... #cavsparade pic.twitter.com/GcasyJfzlA

— xxxPhoeniiXxx (@xxxPhoeniiXxx1) June 22, 2016

Downtown for @Cavs parade? Visit the Sports Research Center in Social Sciences & check out LeBron & Kyrie at the CPL pic.twitter.com/nS9JaFW71N

— ClevelandPubLibrary (@Cleveland_PL) June 22, 2016

It's almost like it's real!! @fox8news pic.twitter.com/4ryHMimd9u

— Jessica Dill (@JessicaLynnDill) June 22, 2016

Parking $50 near @cavs parade route pic.twitter.com/zLOeSKAWXm

— Kristin Volk (@Kristin_Volk) June 22, 2016

Zillions waiting to board @GCRTA green line rapid at green road. Line moving oh so slowly pic.twitter.com/3MhJCdoJsz

— Steven Litt (@steven_litt) June 22, 2016

@steven_litt @sos_jr @GCRTA RTA will get you there. Be tough. Like a champion!

— Ed Zubek (@Ed_Zubek) June 22, 2016

.@Josh_CLE Going to #CavsParade on @GCRTA is like @cedarpoint ride! Love it! Have a great day.

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

Aboard the @JetExp heading to #CLE for #cavsparade #jetexpress pic.twitter.com/LlT6YkYmgs

— Lisa (@LisaRobersonCT) June 22, 2016

The best city deserves the best Championship gear! RT to win all 4 & Celebrate the greatest moment in CLE History! pic.twitter.com/FHjRPEBtUm

— GV Art + Apparel (@GVartwork) June 20, 2016

.@GVartwork Every time I wear your shirt from @WEWS #Cleveland #TweetUp I have multiple ppl ask where can buy shirt pic.twitter.com/kHA5gIlLk5

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

Just a heads up both our stores are open. We're doing 7 am till 9 am. Then closing till 3 so our workers can watch the parade! Thanks!

— GV Art + Apparel (@GVartwork) June 22, 2016

Our area code in cleveland is two one six. We changed it to Won as they won it all. Thanks for the love from China! https://t.co/JOAu84GGFz

— GV Art + Apparel (@GVartwork) June 22, 2016

1 million expected in dt Cleveland today for Cavs victory parade and the transit system is completely overwhelmed. Great day to be a cyclist

— Angie Schmitt (@schmangee) June 22, 2016

At a @GCRTA station packed w/ @cavs fans for the #cavsparade? Snap a pic & tweet it to us https://t.co/G3uOrjcm0t pic.twitter.com/N6HhmObOJi

— Faith Boone (@FaithLBoone) June 22, 2016

Co-worker just told boss he quit because he wanted to go to parade, so he gets in his car and starts blasting the Cavs song and leaves.

— Big Hoss (@nflplaya77) June 22, 2016

I know you are upset with us. Our system is not built to handle 800k + coming downtown. I'm sorry to disappoint all of you :(

— Greater Cleve RTA (@GCRTA) June 22, 2016

.@GCRTA You will love this. I got a group of ppl in line at Green Road RTA Rapid station talking about your funding.

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

.@GCRTA I heard you are sending buses also to Green Road & Shaker RTA Rapid Station. Do U know how long the current wait time is? Thx.

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

You are doing an incredible job, @GCRTA! Be safe everyone! https://t.co/GwczWVCC6c

— The City Club (@TheCityClub) June 22, 2016

The worst job in CLE today has to be the person handling the @GCRTA twitter account ...

— Amy Stoessel (@AmyStoessel1) June 22, 2016

Whoever is handling @GCRTA's Twitter feed right now is a pro.

— nikki delamotte (@nikkidelamotte) June 22, 2016

@sos_jr Well done, sir!

— Katherine Fulton (@kfulton) June 22, 2016

Yay! I do that at bus stops on a regular basis. https://t.co/5bgdJCHruI

— Tracy Moavero (@CrookdRiverWmn) June 22, 2016

.@kfulton I'm not expert but met @Rai_of_the_Wyze in #CavsParade line. @GCRTA mtg she learn how state cuts hurt her ability to get to work

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

.@CrookdRiverWmn I met @Rai_of_the_Wyze in #CavsParade line.

At a @GCRTA mtg she learn how state cuts hurt her ability to get to work

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

I know today is once in 52 years but we really should invest in @gcrta and public transit.

— Josh Schramm (@JoshReedSchramm) June 22, 2016

I wonder how many people called off today? ....1.2 million? #cavsparade

— fUTURE rALF (@Ralf_Nader) June 22, 2016

Hey #cavsparade crowd; world's largest wave at 10:50? Start on Huron and go all the way to Mall B.

— Jeff Stocker (@nocajstock) June 22, 2016

That's been me! https://t.co/JjYcKCSc5N

— Tracy Moavero (@CrookdRiverWmn) June 22, 2016

@sos_jr It is infuriating. We can't bill #CLE as a world-class city if they can't get people where they need to be.

— Katherine Fulton (@kfulton) June 22, 2016

.@GCRTA #CavsParade triple #StPatricksDay!

A once-every 52-year event & all Greater #Cleveland going #dtcle! https://t.co/sd75NyxLn4

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

Designate a mtg point w your family/friends. Keep young children close. If separated seek a person in uniform. #cavsparade #dtcle

— Cleveland Police (@CLEpolice) June 22, 2016

#dtcle vehicle and pedestrian traffic is just a wee bit congested. Please be patient, be safe and stay tuned. #cletraffic #cavsparade

— Cleveland Police (@CLEpolice) June 22, 2016

Chopper taking off. Who wants a sky pic of this party??

— Cleveland Police (@CLEpolice) June 22, 2016

We understand parking around the airport is also full. https://t.co/mSOsuw3Eys

— Cleveland Police (@CLEpolice) June 22, 2016

Hey there #cavsparade goers, if you see something suspicious, say something and please report all emergencies to 911.

— Cleveland Police (@CLEpolice) June 22, 2016

Kid on free stamp trying to get a better view. pic.twitter.com/cdMNNpAmD9

— Steven Litt (@steven_litt) June 22, 2016

Greater Cleve RTA, @gcrta is now trending in #Cleveland https://t.co/N2zjhhAmzS

— Trendsmap Cleveland (@TrendsCleveland) June 22, 2016

Go home iPhone... You're drunk. pic.twitter.com/Z0bRc5NlIs

— Chewie (@406Northlane) June 22, 2016

Thank you @GCRTA for your effort today. Your twitter feed is genuine. You're doing your best.

— markgdavis (@markgdavis) June 22, 2016

How Awesome pic.twitter.com/dprFXIw89f

— Bernie Kosar (@BernieKosarQB) June 22, 2016

That is a serious @Cavs fan! @cleveland19news #ALLin216 #cavsparade pic.twitter.com/Smue2Nire2

— Nichole Vrsansky (@NVrsansky) June 22, 2016

More free stamp climbers pic.twitter.com/7qTzUKwAZ5

— Steven Litt (@steven_litt) June 22, 2016

View from the Cleveland Blimp #cavsparade pic.twitter.com/SDeGthy9FA

— fox8news (@fox8news) June 22, 2016

It's a party!!! #Allin216 pic.twitter.com/rHEw5iv9o2

— Cleveland Police (@CLEpolice) June 22, 2016

You're not Spider-Man, bro https://t.co/YmqO8yymiv

— KA (@GirlFromThe216) June 22, 2016

Wild cheers every time a @GCRTA Rapid Transit Car pulls in.

People are excited in #Cleveland to get to #CavsParade pic.twitter.com/d8cXi9NjdY

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

We have some company on the Tri-C rooftop. Just a few minutes to the #cavsparade! #ALLin216 #NBAChamps #Cleveland pic.twitter.com/HLDnO6uYfz

— Sara Goldenberg (@SaraGoldenberg) June 22, 2016

Even more on the rooftops. #cavsparade pic.twitter.com/prhZbEBJDv

— Ron Ledgard (@RonLedgardABJ) June 22, 2016

No fan base&city deserved this championship more than you CLE! It's your day @cavs fans. Be sure to take it 'ALL IN' pic.twitter.com/3AQYUKxBHE

— Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) June 22, 2016

View across from the Q pic.twitter.com/VL8WwdLbar

— Rich Exner (@RichExner) June 22, 2016

For the desperate among us, there's this spot on Superior Avenue near East 15th Street. $80. #cavsparade #ALLinCLE pic.twitter.com/IhNAB7kdlQ

— Cory Shaffer (@cory_shaffer) June 22, 2016

Gotta love these shots from the #cavsparade #ALLin216 pic.twitter.com/oVuG1mleFv

— Traeia (@aerithlives) June 22, 2016

Listening to CLE Police scanner. They are trying REALLY hard to get this parade started. Sounds like it's still a go. #Cavs

— Glenn Moore (@GlennMooreCLE) June 22, 2016

Hearing they are hoping for a 11:40 am start for parade.

— Glenn Moore (@GlennMooreCLE) June 22, 2016

Reminder: a #cavsparade is supposed to go down the middle of this street. #ALLin216 #cityofchampions pic.twitter.com/JJNaOkVEMG

— Dominic Litten (@DJLitten) June 22, 2016

Wow! pic.twitter.com/hpsq9EA7kB

— Cleveland Police (@CLEpolice) June 22, 2016

.@CLEpolice I'm sharing your tweeted photo with many ppl in line at @GCRTA Green Rapid Station.

They all said "Wow" when seeing your pic.

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

To go downstairs or not to go downstairs, that is the question. pic.twitter.com/AZiTUIhPAh

— Kaitlin (@KaitlinDDurbin) June 22, 2016

@KaitlinDDurbin Downstairs it is! pic.twitter.com/iRQKo0TL8R

— Kaitlin (@KaitlinDDurbin) June 22, 2016

CLE Police looking to start parade in ten minutes (11:40 am). #Cavs

— Glenn Moore (@GlennMooreCLE) June 22, 2016

@GlennMooreCLE @sos_jr thanks for update

— Ed Zubek (@Ed_Zubek) June 22, 2016

.@MarkZinni I'm showing your pic to ppl in line at @GCRTA Green Shaker Rapid station.

Entertaining the crowd! https://t.co/4uYMmUSuUo

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

@MarkZinni @cdossantos2 - that is an accident waiting to happen. Like..seriously.

— Lori Vann (@kjnsmom) June 22, 2016

#CavsParade stepping off!!!

— Cleveland Police (@CLEpolice) June 22, 2016

Parade has started! #cavsparade pic.twitter.com/nVFIMEaXwI

— fox8news (@fox8news) June 22, 2016

Wow! https://t.co/lBaZI5Nl6j

— Dante Centuori (@ScienceDante) June 22, 2016

Oooh, confetti cannons! Cool! @clevelanddotcom via @jpgunter pic.twitter.com/hRwQ2uDF31

— Laura Johnston (@lauraejjohnston) June 22, 2016

If someone would send me some confetti from the #CavsParade, I'll pay the postage.

— Mark D Stewart (@poetsforprofit) June 22, 2016

Looking west down Lakeside from E9, this is nuts pic.twitter.com/JE63cDAMt8

— Cleveland Frowns (@ClevelandFrowns) June 22, 2016

Umm, this is the parade route. #cavsparade pic.twitter.com/Werw0Xmphi

— Michael K. McIntyre (@MichaelMcIntyre) June 22, 2016

Yo! Key Tower! Down in front!! pic.twitter.com/6EtadLCgAP

— Terminal Tower CLE (@TowerLightsCLE) June 22, 2016

Driving through #cavsparade pic.twitter.com/DBNXqBO9y0

— jay wiitala (@wittyon5) June 22, 2016

Betsy Gates of Simply Betsy Company Natural Soaps pic.twitter.com/XDyYC8zYQU

— Renaldo C Rip Gates (@RenaldoRip) June 22, 2016

Appraretly this is what close to 1,000,000 people in Downtown #Cleveland looks like for the @cavs celebration parade pic.twitter.com/K1SPhQ51RV

— Jarryd @ CLEVELAND!! (@JarrydHuntley) June 22, 2016

These poor cell towers are soooooooooooo overloaded!!! Going from no signal to low signal.

— Jarryd @ CLEVELAND!! (@JarrydHuntley) June 22, 2016

Getting closer.

Lines behind me are much shorter now at @GCRTA Green Rapid station, but I'm not on train yet. pic.twitter.com/22tiU2KAbb

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

Bus from @GCRTA just pulled up !!

I'm mobile!!

Going to #CavsParade. pic.twitter.com/v4oXacxuC8

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 22, 2016

.@sos_jr thank you for the updates and your patience :)

— Greater Cleve RTA (@GCRTA) June 22, 2016

@sos_jr @GCRTA awesome, have fun!

— Shawn Gray (@Shawn_T_G) June 22, 2016

This is a celebration of the city of Cleveland itself: #CavsParade pic.twitter.com/DZrJ25Nrcn

— Sports Nation Ohio (@SN_Ohio) June 22, 2016

Today is just about perfect. LeBron James says he's staying in Cleveland. #3Cavs #Cavs #Allin216 #CavsNation https://t.co/1NuAYtNT1y

— Denise Polverine (@denisep) June 22, 2016

Cleveland is showing the world how we do a party! #cavsparade #OneForTheLand

— Kat W (@Ms_KatW) June 22, 2016

Currently.#CavsParade || #OneForTheLand pic.twitter.com/7supMRo8f3

— Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) June 22, 2016

#Cleveland Police Headquarters will be used as rally point to help reunite parents w/ any missing children.#CavsParade #FOX8

— Nicholas A. Kovach (@TheKovach) June 22, 2016