Update the #Cleveland #GiveCamp website to announce the 2017 #CleGC volunteer sign up dates are: June 1 � July 15: https://t.co/0p3T8044fJ pic.twitter.com/wBSn88ykfJ

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) March 16, 2017

Updated the #CleGC volunteer web page: https://t.co/0p3T8044fJ
with 2016 video by@kefrith@PhotoAlBell@athlondukehttps://t.co/CDeSup6ssw

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) March 16, 2017

.@clegivecamp is an awesome group of flks doing really cool stuff for local non-profts, check it out and get involved https://t.co/UcEK6vFJLP

— Brad Nellis (@ExpedientNELLIS) March 16, 2017

And while we're talking #hackathon - add @CleGiveCamp to your calendars - 7/21-7/23! See https://t.co/gmASObrNM5 for more details!

— clevtechevents (@clevtechevents) March 17, 2017

Thank you to our early 2017 #CleGC sponsors!

U can join them in providing #tech solutions to #Cleveland nonprofits: https://t.co/0GC1rB1wz7 pic.twitter.com/QJMohAmJzh

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) March 24, 2017

Important #Cleveland #GiveCamp dates!

Plz share #CleGC's FREE #Website/#MobileApp info w/ your favorite #nonprofit! https://t.co/DUfC9fWheQ pic.twitter.com/ff86pVYLye

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) March 24, 2017

#Cleveland #GiveCamp: Having good times, working for good causes! Looking forward to my fifth year volunteering at @CleGiveCamp! #CleGC https://t.co/Cwo3x6Qf7P

— Kevin F. Smith (@kefrith) March 16, 2017

.@CleGiveCamp #Cleveland #nonprofit - #CLEGC apps open on 4/1/17 - let your fav non-prof know and maybe get a FREE WEBSITE! pic.twitter.com/h5H5TgSRUr

— Susie Sharp (@SusieSharp) March 26, 2017

Thx @kefrith for joining with our many gr8 #CleGC #volunteers to give free #tech solutions to #Cleveland #nonprofitshttps://t.co/0p3T8044fJ pic.twitter.com/aQ7crPXzwc

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) March 22, 2017

#CleGC website is ready for April 1st online #Cleveland #GiveCamp application

Plz tell #nonprofits to go on 4/1 to: https://t.co/DUfC9fWheQ pic.twitter.com/tGjdEFFu6b

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) March 30, 2017

Apply now for #CleGC 2017!

Please share the Cleveland #GiveCamp application with #Cleveland & #Akron #nonprofits!https://t.co/DUfC9fWheQ pic.twitter.com/y53K72HW7m

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) April 1, 2017

Listened to a song which may work well in the 2017 @CleGiveCamp video! Check out last year's & get involved! https://t.co/zYk6FACP4H #CleGC

— Kevin F. Smith (@kefrith) April 4, 2017

Do U know a #Cleveland or #Akron #nonprofit that needs a FREE #tech solution?

The #CleGC online application is openhttps://t.co/DUfC9fWheQ pic.twitter.com/kB9SacLZxs

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) April 7, 2017

#CleGC News:
8th #Cleveland #GiveCamp Accepting Applications From NEO #Nonprofits https://t.co/8zSueZa8lN
Apply here https://t.co/DUfC9fWheQ pic.twitter.com/coYZskiM0B

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) April 18, 2017

A @CDPUG member wants @CleGiveCamp info for a #nonprofit, so I showed her: https://t.co/6nibl0thBm and #CleGC video: https://t.co/r1E0EEQ6sH

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) April 28, 2017

@CleGiveCamp offers free web, software help for Northeast Ohio nonprofits. Deadline to apply is May 15 - https://t.co/hg2KuMWDzl

— The Akronist (@akronist) May 4, 2017

@mikestrattonNET @CleGiveCamp #Volunteer sign up for #CleGC 2017 starts on 6/1.

Please retweet @CleGiveCamp announcements to let nonprofits & volunteers know key dates! pic.twitter.com/sEf3CPCMO6

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) May 10, 2017

If you�re a #Cleveland or #Akron #nonprofit, please please please consider applying for GiveCamp! Deadline is approaching fast! https://t.co/RBCm5OBeMi

— Byron Dylan Delpinal (@ByronDelpinal) May 12, 2017

Entering final weekend before Monday May 15th due date for #Cleveland & #Akron area #nonprofits to apply for #CleGC https://t.co/DUfC9fWheQ pic.twitter.com/G2ZZg7jRSH

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) May 12, 2017

Today (May 15th) is the deadline! #Cleveland & #Akron area #nonprofits apply for FREE #tech via #CleGC #volunteers!https://t.co/DUfC9fWheQ pic.twitter.com/uarj1bOHJH

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) May 15, 2017

If you are a nonprofit who needs tech help, @CleGiveCamp is amazing. Recommend. https://t.co/59pbZ3MVWv

— Towards Employment (@TowardsEmploy) May 15, 2017

Next up: #CleGC #volunteer sign up!
Mark your calendar for June 1st!
Don't miss the fun we have helping #nonprofits!https://t.co/0p3T8044fJ pic.twitter.com/qovcO1OU0N

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) May 16, 2017

Next important date!

June 1st #Cleveland #GiveCamp #volunteer signup #tech help to #nonprofits!https://t.co/0p3T80lF7h

Don't miss #CleGC! pic.twitter.com/fDjU6H3mp3

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) May 19, 2017

VERY exciting @CleGiveCamp planning mtg 2nite!

I heard that gr8 #nonprofits have applied to #CleGC 2017!
Watch for announcement mid-June! pic.twitter.com/AYxEF48jFH

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) May 24, 2017

@CleGiveCamp #Cleveland #tech talent, please mark your calendar & tell many others that #CleGC #volunteer signup opens June 1st! https://t.co/gJvAjEvOxq pic.twitter.com/NkViQhejLJ

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) May 24, 2017

Update website w/ "Register On Eventbrite starting June 1st!" button

Mark your calendar #CleGC #volunteer signup at https://t.co/0p3T8044fJ pic.twitter.com/pKK5uAEjkE

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) May 25, 2017

Update #CleGC website with countdown clock!

57 days to #Cleveland #GiveCamp!#Volunteer signup starts June 1st at: https://t.co/0p3T8044fJ pic.twitter.com/4GA8Gwjz1j

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) May 25, 2017

Thank you @CleGiveCamp for selecting @InfoLineInc website https://t.co/ShgJTPoXrT for a redesign! For more info:https://t.co/HXkQE5rU9U pic.twitter.com/cyDLzjOGpp

— Info Line 2-1-1 (@InfoLineInc) June 15, 2017

I want to thank 2017 @CleGiveCamp for selecting CAAO to be one of the nonprofit organizations that will get a new website.

— William Holdipp (@CAAOCleveland) June 14, 2017

Ramping up for #CleGC & accepting sponsorships https://t.co/0GC1rBj7qF

Gift & logo deadline 6/30 to be on #Cleveland #GiveCamp 2017 t-shirt pic.twitter.com/ZSjhi6X2pm

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) June 23, 2017

I have my @CleGiveCamp ticket!

Always a gr8 time providing free tech solutions for #Cleveland #nonprofits at #CleGChttps://t.co/gJvAjEvOxq pic.twitter.com/nMSUq86wHC

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 24, 2017

25 days to #Cleveland #GiveCamp!

Signup #CleGC waitlist https://t.co/0p3T8044fJ
Join sponsors https://t.co/0GC1rB1wz7

Please retweet! Thx pic.twitter.com/fjeH2QPOTE

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) June 26, 2017

I just emailed tech ppl that used to work for me about @CleGiveCamp https://t.co/gJvAjEvOxq#CleGC openings happen so waitlist is important pic.twitter.com/rVLRya63Db

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 26, 2017

Helpful info for #Cleveland #GiveCamp 2017 #volunteer registration - open now! Sign up for #CleGC: https://t.co/0p3T8044fJ pic.twitter.com/npbDVmXIrc

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) June 1, 2017

Excited by our sponsors making #CleGC possible!

Gift & logo deadline 6/30 to be on 2017 #Cleveland GiveCamp t-shirthttps://t.co/0GC1rB1wz7 pic.twitter.com/xmF57aUC0u

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) June 27, 2017

Join me at Cleveland GiveCamp this year. It's a tough weekend that'll leave you with new friends and an awesome sense of accomplishment! https://t.co/j6pfYJ0rsY

— Byron Dylan Delpinal (@ByronDelpinal) June 27, 2017

Start of @CDPUG mtg at @CuyahogaLib's Garfield Hts Library, I'm asked to announce @CleGiveCamp #CleGC volunteer info https://t.co/gJvAjENpoY pic.twitter.com/4qUNfeOP8Z

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 29, 2017

We love giving back to such a great cause! Thanks @CleGiveCamp - we look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks. #CleGC #code #nonprofit https://t.co/zDYHhcp7HV

— World Synergy (@WorldSynergy) June 30, 2017

EXCITING #CleGC NEWS!#Cleveland #GiveCamp is proud to announce our #nonprofit partners for 2017!https://t.co/DUfC9fWheQ#ThisIsCLE pic.twitter.com/YNPEH6ppNf

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) June 30, 2017

Very cool,#CleGC volunteers help @WomenintheAir this year since @CleGiveCamp happens at their location!

Plz share https://t.co/zpVeyYMvjz pic.twitter.com/XlcCxc1Hfn

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 30, 2017

I always enjoy seeing @WomenintheAir while at @CleGiveCamp!

See my 2016 #CleGC photos of @WomenintheAir here: https://t.co/ygru85cDlp pic.twitter.com/UtM6EjPsBT

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 30, 2017

Watch #Cleveland #GiveCamp 2016 video by @kefrith to see the #CleGC fun at @WomenintheAir @leandog @BurkeLakefronthttps://t.co/r1E0EEQ6sH

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) June 30, 2017

#Cleveland #GiveCamp is run by #volunteers.

Updated #CleGC steering committee list: https://t.co/wlifBavJko add leaders helping #nonprofits pic.twitter.com/ilHJHCCY5g

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 1, 2017

We are so grateful and can't wait!! #GiveCamp #cleveland #thisiscle #citymeetslake https://t.co/j5pwl2iMHN

— IWASM (@WomenintheAir) June 30, 2017

Count down: 15 days to #CleGC 2017!

3 Designer/UX/Marketing tickets left.
Tech volunteers please get on wait list!https://t.co/0p3T8044fJ pic.twitter.com/xKif88myCe

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 6, 2017

Thank you @CleGiveCamp for this great opportunity. We look forward to meeting and working with our team of amazing volunteers!!! https://t.co/BLAYRjF0OB

— LEAF (@LEAF_Ohio) July 5, 2017

Thx @BVUVolunteers for listing #Cleveland #GiveCamp in your #volunteer opportunities: https://t.co/OIWkxoRrzG#CleGC has great supporters! pic.twitter.com/sgzFRgNay9

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 7, 2017

Kudos to the @CleGiveCamp volunteers and participating nonprofits! Making us #CLE proud! #GiveCamp https://t.co/O52vNDnkp4

— Cleveland Foundation (@CleveFoundation) July 7, 2017

Said it before & I'll say it again, @CleGiveCamp is awesome; these NPOs will benefit greatly from the work the volunteers do...good job! https://t.co/maZJ7LRFYy

— Brad Nellis (@ExpedientNELLIS) July 7, 2017

#Cleveland #GiveCamp encourages supporter & #nonprofit partners to use our:#CleGC hashtag on all social media!
Logo https://t.co/WdXMstsEdF pic.twitter.com/wertZ7YSNn

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 11, 2017

Thx @BVUVolunteers for again inviting #CleGC #volunteers to earn FREE tix via @Indians #ServiceWithSlider Challenge! https://t.co/Zq1xeyTn7m pic.twitter.com/WmOHNgmTtH

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 11, 2017

Looking forward to this year's #CleGiveCamp! Thank you #ServiceWithSlider for rewarding those who give! https://t.co/pZ27X4qJSs

— Andrea Young (@jafine) July 11, 2017

#Cleveland #GiveCamp encourages all supporters to "like" us on Facebook & share Facebook posts. Use #CleGC hashtag. https://t.co/E1VquRLDWn pic.twitter.com/ez4h6Szu3z

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 11, 2017

Good @CleGiveCamp planning meeting just ended. Recruiting more volunteers to assist with Team Z (#CleGC food team). https://t.co/gJvAjEvOxq pic.twitter.com/mzJPHwAEKm

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) July 12, 2017

Wait list @CleGiveCamp Tech Volunteer is open.
Designer/UX Volunteer 3 Ticket.#CleGC tickets close end of the weekhttps://t.co/gJvAjEvOxq pic.twitter.com/hCmeGl6isy

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) July 12, 2017

We are so honored to have been chosen to receive a complete website overhaul from these wonderful volunteers at Cleveland GiveCamp! #CLEGC

— LEAF (@LEAF_Ohio) July 13, 2017

18 Non-Tech tickets left. Who has time to help non-profits in Cleveland?! https://t.co/39LAWcq7eb

— mindy bohannon (@mindybo93) July 13, 2017

Great eats at #Cleveland GiveCamp!
We are looking for ppl to join w/ past #CleGC Team Z members for food prep! https://t.co/0p3T8044fJ pic.twitter.com/7FX0jHqxp0

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 13, 2017

We love Team Z food prep volunteers!
To all @CleGiveCamp attendees, please share w/ family & friends to join U at #CleGC by joining Team Z! pic.twitter.com/izTrNLKp9w

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 13, 2017

Just returned from orientation at @CleGiveCamp. Counting down the days until our organization website is redone by #clegc volunteers! pic.twitter.com/J7857MDW87

— Info Line 2-1-1 (@InfoLineInc) July 13, 2017


Seven days to #Cleveland #GiveCamp!#CleGC 2017 volunteer signup closes Sat July 15th. https://t.co/0p3T8044fJ pic.twitter.com/VoOLvdJ5E7

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 14, 2017

We've been doing prep work all day! We are so excited for next weekend. #CleGC #nonprofit #grateful https://t.co/5IUpeTTCKx

— IWASM (@WomenintheAir) July 14, 2017

We are so grateful to get a technology make-over! #clegc #cosmicbobbinsfoundation https://t.co/s3mSLj65M8

— cosmicbobbins (@cosmicbobbins) July 15, 2017

July 21-23 is #Cleveland #GiveCamp weekend!

Today, July 15th, is last day for #volunteer tickets for #CleGC 2017! https://t.co/0p3T8044fJ pic.twitter.com/SpA7r8g2La

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 15, 2017

Updated #CleGC volunteer web page with @Indians #ServiceWithSlider #Volunteer Challenge info from @BVUVolunteers: https://t.co/OzybEPECUk pic.twitter.com/9TQwM3dQUu

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 17, 2017

30 min.
Nice quick final planning mtg for @CleGiveCamp!

Everyone online agreed it was an awesome mtg!
Everything looks gr8 for #CleGC 2017! pic.twitter.com/YlZz8s9lzi

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) July 17, 2017

Please watch & share #CleGC announcements on our Facebook page https://t.co/E1VquRLDWn & here on Twitter @CleGiveCamp for helpful info.
Thx! pic.twitter.com/WBUPg7Ub9T

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 18, 2017

Making your #CleGC 2017 packing list?

Please bring the tools of your trade (laptop, camera, sketchbook, etc) to be an effective team member pic.twitter.com/I0V8IxIeqd

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 19, 2017

#CleGC 2017 attendees please read today's email!

* Food Volunteers Needed!
* Know Salesforce?
* Setup help.https://t.co/M8LBIHmTfs pic.twitter.com/TrteNFoVNG

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 19, 2017

Good start to the day!

Sent new #CleGC volunteer interested in helping with setup & food prep info images & link: https://t.co/0p3T8044fJ pic.twitter.com/GWsBmzIbmO

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 20, 2017

Emails, Twitter messages, and Facebook messages are flying this morning.

Great to see so many people working to make #CleGC 2017 a success! pic.twitter.com/4CxfEVZH80

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 20, 2017

Can't wait for @CleGiveCamp this weekend! #cleGC

— Tech Elevator (@Tech_Elevator) July 20, 2017

We made it easy to follow our #CleGC sponsors!!

See our #Cleveland #GiveCamp "Sponsors 2017" Twitter list here: https://t.co/XYEUxGh58E pic.twitter.com/t3Sm52jkpT

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 20, 2017

#CleGC Eve!

3 more emails about @CleGiveCamp but only 2 have tasks I need to do.

200+ volunteers getting ready! https://t.co/ElpvieFAxj

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) July 21, 2017

T minus 24 and #CleGC Weekend begins! Looking fwd to helping NPOs with their content & sharing SM on the event

— sreinbolt (@sreinbolt) July 20, 2017

Happy @CleGiveCamp Eve!! On my team? Get ready for a hell of a weekend, because we're going to win. #workhardplayhard #givecampchamps pic.twitter.com/Jsj4qzcLEh

— Byron Dylan Delpinal (@ByronDelpinal) July 21, 2017

Please learn about our #CleGC 2017 #Nonprofit Partners by following them.

We created a Twitter list to make it easy https://t.co/Leb0XU3Xyi pic.twitter.com/EFkjUmfADA

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 20, 2017

Please learn about our #CleGC 2017 #Nonprofit Partners by following them.

We created a Twitter list to make it easy https://t.co/Leb0XUlyWS pic.twitter.com/Ui1G9np55P

— Cleveland GiveCamp (@CleGiveCamp) July 20, 2017

Packing for @CleGiveCamp weekend! Subscribe to the official YouTube channel and see my annual #CleGC video projects! https://t.co/5tSZYDPTQu

— Kevin F. Smith (@kefrith) July 20, 2017

Friday I have an early appointment, busy day and #CleGC in afternoon/evening!

Time for some needed sleep!

Goodnight Twitterverse! pic.twitter.com/qxHxjVECwn

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. (@sos_jr) July 21, 2017