Rustbelt Refresh Web Design Conference

Rustbelt Refresh Web Design Conference

Writing about the May 3, 2013​, Rustbelt Refresh Conference is difficult, since there was so much interesting information shared at the meeting that it is impossible to include it all. It was the first Cleveland conference dedicated to web design and front-end development.

  • The Era of Intentional Layout
  • Responsive Layouts Beyond the Sidebar
  • Making Our Users Feel Great
  • HTTP: Get to Know the Foundations of Your Career
  • Finding Your Perfect Web Type Match
  • Take Your Markup to 11
  • Your CSS is a Mess


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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WebSigCleveland.org Javascript & Stylesheet Toolkits

WebSigCleveland.org Javascript/Stylesheet Toolkits

At the March 17, 2012, WebSigCleveland.org meeting, Richard Schulte, a co-founder of the local tech worker co-op Flywheel Tech Collective, did a presentation on “Javascript/Stylesheet UI Toolkits - Why, Which and How?” He introduced attendees to the more popular and/or useful tools for developing Javascript and Cascading Stylesheets for website design, and Richard did not disappoint his audience.

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Monday, March 26, 2012
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